What is Gear Energization?

What is Gear Energization?
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Notice: As of the game's June 20, 2019 update, some changes for this mechanic has been applied, in relation to the inclusion of Nanoplastic. Please follow the link for more details.

Energization is done in the Repair Bench. This is the method of adding temporary, beneficial special effects to weapons and armors. Each weapon or armor can only have 1 Energization effect active at a time.

What is Gear Energization?

You’ll start off with two basic Energization Effects for weapons and armors but you can learn new effects by buying them from Tex Brandon. He’s the NPC found in your private camp, outside the camp’s vault. High-quality effects require Camp Contribution points and Gold Bars.

What is Gear Energization?

To apply the energization effect to a gear, you need to spend Nanoplastic. These can be obtained by converting resources via the Nanoplastic Maker machine. Each effect costs 250 Nanoplastic to activate. You can further enhance the effect by activating the same effect multiple times. However the effect’s duration won’t be extended. If you choose a new effect over an existing one, the latter will be replaced and the new effect will be applied.

What is Gear Energization?

So, do you really have to energize your gear before going out on an adventure?

Energizing is entirely optional and what we see where it can give you an edge is during major events like fighting infected bosses, hunting mystic creatures, going out to war against other players, etc. You can also use specific effects that increase your gathering crits if you're planning to just farm for the day.

With the introduction of the nanoplastic mechanic, even new players can take advantage of this wonderful feature, considering their effects last for hours and the amount of nanoplastic needed to activate them is relatively affordable.

What is Gear Energization?

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