What are the Weekend Requests?

What are the Weekend Requests?
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What are the Weekend Requests?

These are special quests available on the weekends (Saturday game’s daily reset). To see this, access the Benefits button on the top-right and select Requests. From there, you can select whether you want to take jobs for Rachel or Fernando. There’s really no bad choice since both of them offer the same rewards but the tasks needed can be different for each route. You’re free to switch between the two routes but your progress for the current task will be reset, with the rewards per task remaining the same regardless.

Overall, here’s what you’ll get by completing all 10 tasks:

* 2200 New Dollars

* 1000 Gold Bars

* 32000 Gathering Mastery

* 40000 Combat Mastery

* 19500 Crafting Mastery

* 2 Weekend Pack II crates.

You can randomly get the following from Weekend Pack II crates:

* 1000 New Dollars

* 1000 Skill Points

* 1 Oak Seedling

* 1 Alloy Drill Bit

* LV1. Mechanical Materials

* LV1. Armor Materials

Here’s the guide for each task. Some of the stages can be easily done and more cost-effective than the other so we will mark the best ones where you can switch if needed. We will just include commentary on the tasks that you should choose instead. Take note that some of the items requested and the places where you have to visit may be tied to your level so some of them may vary and appear differently from this guide.

Stage 1

Rachel: Take your selfie in the fountain of Hope 101.

Fernando: Go to the Market in Hope 101 and perform the Show Off gesture there. If you don’t know how to do it, tap the person icon in the lower-left corner of the chatbox.

What are the Weekend Requests?

Stage 2

Rachel: Go to two other player’s manor and leave a message. They can’t be the same player. Easily done in your private camp.

Fernando: Add two friends. Not recommended unless you want to clutter your friends list.

What are the Weekend Requests?

Stage 3

Rachel: Give 1 Iron Casting to Oriodan in Hope 101 Weapon Shop

Fernando: Give 1 Plastic to Nico in Hope 101 Armor Shop

Both are workables that can be crafted from your gear workstation but Iron Casting is easier and more economical to craft.

Stage 4

Rachel: Take a selfie inside the Hope 101 weapon shop

Fernando: Go to Hope 101 Market and perform the Clap gesture

Stage 5

Rachel: Go to [Pact Zone Map] and gather 500 wood

Fernando: Go to [Pact Zone Map] and gather 400 stone

The Pact Zone Map/area will depend on your current level.

Stage 6

Rachel: Go to the gate of Hope 101 and take a selfie.

Fernando: Go to the Hope 101 Furniture Shop and take a selfie.

Stage 7

Rachel: Give 5 Iron Ore to Billy in Hope 101 Commerce Bureau

Fernando: Give 1 Flax Petal to Billy in Hope 101 Commerce Bureau

Iron Ore can be mined easily from stones in Fall Forest while Flax Petal is a rare secondary resource from Hemp LV3 from Snow Highlands and Mouth Swamp.

Stage 8

Rachel: Go to the Hope 101 Market and take a selfie.

Fernando: Go to the Hope 101 Furniture Shop and use the Provoke gesture.

Stage 9

Rachel: Give 1 Cloth to Nico (Hope 101 Armor Shop)

Fernando: Give 1 Screw to Oriodan (Hope 101 Weapon Shop)

Both are workables that can be crafted from your gear workstation however, Cloth is a lot cheaper to produce compared to a Screw.

Stage 10

Rachel: Go to [Pact Zone Map] and collect XX items.

Fernando: Go to [Pact Zone Map] and kill XX enemies.

The location, items needed, or the enemies you have to kill will vary. When I was a bit low-level, Rachel asked to collect 30 Claws in Sand Castle while Fernando asked to kill 60 Infected in Sand Castle. Now, Rachel is asking me to collect 30 grease in Snow Highlands while Fernando is asking me to kill 60 infected on the same map.

Between the two, I suggest going with Fernando’s task. Sure, that’s a lot of enemies but at least they can coincide with your other tasks or daily quest in that map. Item drops are really luck-based so you’ll probably have to kill the same number of enemies to get the drops Rachel is requesting.

After completing Stage 10, the second Weekend Pack II crate will be mailed to you.


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