How to Craft Traps?

How to Craft Traps?
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Traps are placed on the ground and will trigger if an enemy steps on them. Mines belong to the same category. The first one you can create is the Beast Trap, which can snare and damage anyone or anything that steps on it. This default formula can be unlocked by learning the Skilled Hunting skill under Crafting Mastery.

How to Craft Traps?

Once unlocked, you can create beast traps via Portable Crafting. To do this, tap the “Make” icon in the lower left, tap the Ammo category and craft the Beast Trap there using 120 Wood, 60 Stones, and 1 Iron Ore. If you already have access to Nanoplastic Crafting, you can craft this for 40 Nanoplastic.

How to Craft Traps?
How to Craft Traps?

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