Creating a camp in LifeAfter

Creating a camp in LifeAfter
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Joining a camp is an important part of LifeAfter but if you want to have control over the camp as its mayor then you need to create your own. This has several benefits but there is an extra cost involved and you will need the support of others.

How to Create a camp

To start with you will need to have at least completed the initial tutorials (or skipped them) and reached the Private Camp quest stage of the game. This is the point where you will meet the camp administrator NPC called Billy who is located at the commerce bureau in the town (101).

Billy will give you several options with more information about private camps and the option to join an existing camp but in this case we want the option to create a new camp.

To create the camp there is a cost. The cost is divided amongst yourself and a number of supporters to make sure you are setting up a camp with more then one person involved. As the creator and mayor of the town you will need to find a minimum of 60% of the cost which is 18500 gold bars. You can choose to spend more, up to 80% of the cost but you will still need support for the rest of the start up fee. This will be shown in the application form.

You are able to choose the number of other players who will need to contribute to fund the camp start up. This will affect how much gold each one will need to pay to join. for example if you have contributed 60%, leaving 40% to be shared amongst the other supporters and you select 8 supporters required then they will need to pay 5% of the total camp cost each. For this fee though they will be granted guaranteed camp membership.

Once you have paid the cost and completed the application your camp will be approved but not yet created. The camp will now be listed as available for others to support and join (see How to join or leave a camp). Once you have the supporters your camp will be created and you will be notified. You can check in with Billy again to view the progress of your camp application.

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