How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?

How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?
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Upgrading your guns will allow you to further improve its potential by adding beneficial effects like increased damage and crit chance. The earliest you can upgrade is the Uzi, that comes with three upgrade slots. To be able to add upgrades, you first need to craft them.

These upgrades are permanent but you can freely unequip them from a weapon and install them to other weapons. You can also make duplicates of them if you’re planning to carry a secondary, fully-upgraded weapon but that will take a lot of resources and time.

To craft your weapon’s upgrades, head to your private camp’s weapon shop and use the crafting machine there. Here are the three weapon upgrades available:

How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?

Upgrade Part Bonus Effect Materials
Fine Stock Attack Power 1.0 \ Recoil Down 3% 6 Iron Casting, 6 Hexagon Nail, 7 Beast Tendon, 5 Glue
Aim Assistor Crit Chance 2% / Scatter Down 3% 6 Iron Casting, 6 Plastic, 12 Claw, 5 Glue
Fine Muzzle Crit Chance 1% / Damage Bonus 3% 6 Iron Casting, 6 Screw, 12 Bones, 5 Glue

How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?

How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?

How to Craft Accessories for Your Guns?

Glue is available for purchase from Julie Wang, the private camp’s weapon merchant for 16 dollars and 48 contribution pts each. She will only sell this once your camp has reached Savage period. The only other option is buying this from other players in Trade City.

Iron Casting, Hexagon Nail, Plastic, and Screw are all workables of the weapons and armor you have access to at this point so you should be familiar with the components needed. Beast Tendon and Claw are drops from animals or mercenaries in Sand Castle, while bones can be easily harvested from animals or infected in Fall Forest or Sand Castle.

Crafting each of them takes about 4 hours each. The weapon shop crafting machine can only hold a maximum of two items so plan accordingly. Once done crafting, the part will be delivered automatically to your mailbox.

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