How to Raise Poultry

How to Raise Poultry
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This is similar to raising livestock, which you can access once your manor level is high enough and your private camp’s progress has reached the Electric age/period. Because of this, the resources you can get from them are necessary for making advanced food and components needed for higher-quality armors in the game.

Crafting a Poultry Pen

A Poultry Pen can only be crafted once your manor has reached LV10. Once you have it crafted, you’ll need 6 empty slots in your farmland to place it.

Like the livestock pen, this is not permanent. It has a durability too and everytime you raise an animal, this durability decreases. You have no way to increase this durability so after a set number of raising and harvesting an animal, the pen will break. Don’t worry since you can always craft one and leave it on standby so you can just claim it when you need to.

How to Raise Poultry

Getting a Fowl

You can purchase three different fowls from Tex Brandon in your camp’s vault. He’ll only sell them once your private camp’s progress has reached the Electric age/period. All fowls will provide Eggs and Fowl Feathers; the only difference will be the amount of eggs and feathers you’ll get from the variety of fowls you’ll raise.
* Chicken: Small amount of eggs and feathers
* Duck: Reasonable amount of eggs and feathers
* Goose: Large amount of eggs and feathers

The goose is exclusive to the Rank IV Craft Expert (Upholsterer) cert/profession so many players will only be able to raise chicken or duck.

How to Raise Poultry

Raising and Harvesting

Similar to livestock, you should check up on your fowls regularly to see that they’re properly fed and taken care of. That way, you can improve their yield and speed up their maturity rate. Once they’re mature enough, harvest them, and repeat the process.

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