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Merge Prison is an interesting take on the merge game genre. In the game you play through an escape from prison storyline while also playing a normal generate objects on a merge board game too.

The big bonus is that the story is interesting and interactive too, and not just a cut scene, or similar. I think it's a great way to keep players engaged and add something different to this merge game.

If you need help finding objects in Merge Prison, then head over to our answers page where you can drop a question or try answer any that have been asked about this game.

How to Play Merge Prison

If you are not familiar with merge games then basically, there are generator objects that are on the board, these items, when tapped, will generate items onto the game board, these objects you then need to merge in order to find the item on the quest list that is above the game board.

That is the basic premise of this and most other merge games. There is more to it than that, but basically understanding that should get you started in the game.

Merge Prison Tips

Here are a few tips that are useful for Merge Prison and most other merge type games

  • Don't clutter the board

    Try to complete one quest item at time so you don't clutter the board to much and run out of spaces. Yes you have external storage, but not much, so it's best to try to work on one or two quest objects at a time.

  • Use your Energy

    Energy is a big factor in all merge games, so don't waste it, once your energy bar is full, you are no longer gaining free energy so remember to use it up with merges or generations. I would even say, try to usze it all up, then just come back when you know it has been filled again.

  • Follow the Quests

    The best objects to merge will always be the ones that complete the quests at the top of the board. That is how you complete levels and play through the game, so keep an eye on the items that you need to make and work out how to do that.


Merge Prison FAQs

We have 8 questions and 2 answers for Merge Prison. View Them

How do I duplicate a level with the camera?

Merging an object with the camera makes two copies of the object. It says you can do it with any level object, but that's not quite true, a few objects won't duplicate like this.

What's the dynamite used for? I have 3 but no use.

If you merge an object with dynamite, the object splits into two of the object one level down. It's like 'unmerging'. Useful if you have say a level 6 object, but then you are asked for the level 5 object.

Hello everyone, I want to now how to tame the cat? I need teaser can someone answer what I have to do to get it? Please

How do I go back to get a fish?

Hi all, How do you turn the fish into a meal?

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Merge Prison Reviews

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Pretty enjoyable but almost impossible to complete the daily challenges without paying.

3.7 / 5.0

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