Hints and Tips for LifeAfter

Hints and Tips for LifeAfter
LifeAfter Guide

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Below is our list of helpful tips for playing LifeAfter. If yu have any more suggestions for oter gamers please leave us a comment below.

Participate In The Events

Events and quests will earn you money and other items so remember to tap on the daily option in the top-right of the game screen to check any ongoing events.

Craft Weapons and Armour

After stating the game and completing the initial sections, you should be having a basic weapon. But in order to survive while exploring you should try to craft a rifle as soon as possible.

At the gear workstation you can craft weapons, a machete or the Mondragon Rifle and armour.

- To craft a machete, you need wood, stone, hemp, iron ore. All these items can be obtained in the wilderness

- To craft the Mondragon rifle, you need wood, pig iron, and bone. Bone can be obtained by killing animals in the wilderness(for example; wolf, deer). To craft pig iron, you need iron ore, twig.

Keep the special weapons for hard quests

As well as the weapons above you can also get powerful weapons such as the Uzi and the compound bow. These weapons take a lot of resources to make and a long time to farm for them and they have a limited durability the same as other weapons.

To save yourself having to remake these often its best to save them for the harder quests and missions and stick to the normal weaponry for all other activities.

Feed The Dog

Your dog is a very useful companion to use as a guard. You can assign it to guard by tapping on it and choosing the guard option. The dog needs to be fed though and will not obey you if it is not content.

To feed the dog, tap the dog avatar at the top-left corner of the game screen, choose feed. You can feed bones, meat, watermelon, milk, vegetables, and much more.

Watch your Hunger

Hunger is very important in this game, keeping yourself well-fed is essential. If the meter falls too low you will get a debuff and you will start to lose health over time. However when your hunger meter is high enough, you will get the "Cozy" buff, which increases your motion speed by 5% and reduces energy intake by 20%.


You will need to look after your health (HP) in the game. If your HP is low you can recover it in a number of ways:

Use the bed to sleep. In the game you get a bed for free, all you need to do is explore a bit on the cabin area. Or you can craft a new bed with the material bench.

Use bandages. You can craft bandages with Hemp. Hemp item can be obtained from the wilderness.

Training Projects

Completing the training quests will earn you rewards in the game including money, skill points and more. You can find them under the training option in the upper-right corner. You also get training medals to spend in the market tab.

Team Up With Friends

Teaming up with friends makes the combat in the game much easier. You can find more friends by using the LifeAfter Facebook group.

Died? Recover your items

If your character dies, you can respawn on a random location or at home. However you may leave behind items that you were carrying. You can claim back the items that you lost by returning to the point that you died. It is marked as a backpack icon on the mini-map.

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