How to join friends and start a team

How to join friends and start a team
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There are many multiplayer options in LifeAfter and one of these is to allow you to team up with your friends and work together and share items. Here is how to connect with your friends and get the team work going.

Find your friends

The first requirement to connecting with a friend is to be on the same server. If you are not then one of you can change servers at the game start screen. There are several servers around the world and some may not always be displayed depending on your language setting, so if you are having trouble finding the other persons server check what language setting they have to make sure it is the same.

Friend Request. Unless you are already friends in the game you need to send a friend request by opening the chat box at the bottom of the screen and selecting 'Contacts'. Here you can search for your friend by name and then use the option to send a friend request.

Once they receive this they can go to their contacts tab and accept it. You will now both appear in each others contacts list.

Start a Team
Now that you are friends in game you can go to the Friends menu and select 'Invite to join' and then 'create' to start a team. Your friend will receive a notification in the chat box for them to accept the invitation.

From this point on you can travel to the same location (choose where to visit and tell your friend) and you can meet up with them there. Once you are both in the same area check in the mini-map for the actual location of your friend.

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