July 18 2019 Update

July 18 2019 Update
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As of the July 18 update, here are the new features added to the game. For the details about the event that came with this update, please check out our dedicated page for the Summerday event.

Death High

This limited single-player instance has been included in this update and will last until August 18, 2019. We will try to set up a dedicated page about this instance soon.

July 18 2019 Update
July 18 2019 Update

Infected takes lesser damage if can’t reach you

As the exact wording of the game’s official FB page “Damage the Infected takes now decreases slightly when survivors attack the Infected from somewhere the Infected cannot reach.”

New Stronghold Battle difficulties available

* 5-Star Difficulty Fall Forest

* 5-Star Difficulty Sand Castle

* 4-Star Difficulty Snow Highlands

* 4-Star Difficulty Mouth Swamp

* 3-Star Difficulty Mount Snow

Portable Crafting of Ammo Boxes

This allows players to craft ammo boxes anywhere aside from their manor’s gear workstation. First, players have to learn the skill Ammo Supplies under Crafting. This skill has three levels which can be learned once the players reach crafting levels 5, 20, and 48. These levels will dictate the type of ammo box you can create. You can create these ammo boxes using Nanoplastics or their ordinary materials

July 18 2019 Update
July 18 2019 Update

Easy Outfit Change

The game has a quick-access button for changing outfits easily. Just tap on the “Look” button on the lower left to launch the outfit screen.

July 18 2019 Update

From there, you can change the background, and save up to three outfit combinations, including your glowstick color and backpack design.

July 18 2019 Update

You can also tap “Book” in the lower right corner to view all the themed outfits that were released in the game. Take note that some of them may not be available in the mall at the moment.

July 18 2019 Update
July 18 2019 Update

New Expert Level

Once a player reaches LV60 on all his/her mastery levels, they can opt to be promoted to their profession’s Expert level, giving them access to two new-profession exclusive talents/skills. Gathering classes will get access to new profession-exclusive resources, crafting classes will get access to profession-exclusive formula and workables, and finally combat classes can learn new combat skills.

You can get a preview of the skills you can unlock for your profession by accessing your Abilities menu and scrolling down. Similar to other profession levels, you have to talk to Jessica in your private camp’s town hall or Hope 101’s Commerce Bureau once you meet the mastery level requirements and pay the necessary amount of gold bars and skill points.

July 18 2019 Update

New Profession-Exclusive Resources

Once a Logger, Miner, or Hemp Picker reaches Manor LV13 and learning their respective Expert skills, they can buy the necessary items to plant in their farmland to get access to these items from Tex Brandon in the Camp Vault or the Furniture Store. Please see the list below.

Pine Sapling (Loggers only, after learning Pine Saplings expert talent)

Resource: Pinecone

Craft: Low-temperature Steel and Inorganic Silica Gel

Carbon Steel Drill (Miners only, after learning Carbon Steel Drill expert talent)

Resource: Spinel

Craft: Low-temperature Steel

Mallow Seeds (Hemp Pickers only, after learning Carbon Steel Drill expert talent)

Resource: Piemarker Seeds

Craft: Inorganic Silica Gel

July 18 2019 Update

New Manor Levels

Manor LV13

* Required Mastery Level (All): 65

* Can construct up to 12 Floors

* Increased Structure Score and Furniture Score

* Super Energy Cores Formula unlocked

* LV5 Reagent Formula unlocked

Manor LV14

* Required Mastery Level (All): 70

* New Manor appearance

* Increased Structure Score and Furniture Score

* Chinese Furniture and Suzhou-style Furniture will be unlocked

* Super Navigator formula unlocked

* LV5 Crystal formula unlocked

July 18 2019 Update

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