How to Get Promoted

How to Get Promoted
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Cert Promotion gives you access to your chosen cert’s new skills. To get promoted, you have to reach a certain Gather Level first. You can reach up to the fourth rank of your chosen Cert.

Second Rank: Gather LV20
Third Rank: Gather LV30
Fourth Rank: Gather LV48

How to Get Promoted

Once you reached the required Gather level, head back to Hope 101, go to the second floor of the Commerce Bureau, then talk to Jessica again.

How to Get Promoted

If you're a member of a private camp, you can find Jessica in your town hall, to the left of the stairs. She offers the same options and services as the one in Hope 101.

How to Get Promoted

Select the option to get Promoted, then pay the indicated amount of Gold Bars and Skill Points. As soon as you get promoted, you’ll have access to the first of the two skills of that rank though you may need to reach a certain Combat Mastery level before you can learn the other one. Repeat the same process for your eventual promotions.

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