How to Raise Farm Animals

How to Raise Farm Animals
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Raising animals in your farmland is an easy way of getting a lot of meat and other secondary resources like milk. In this page, we will be discussing how you can take advantage of this feature and what you need to get started.

Crafting a Livestock Pen

If you’re a newbie, you don’t have to worry about this too early in the game. You just have to concentrate to level up your character’s mastery and leveling up your manor. Once you have the necessary manor level, the Livestock Pen will be available in your material bench. You can craft it for 300 Wood, 100 Stone, 10 Hemp.

How to Raise Farm Animals

The pen you created is not permanent. It has a durability too and everytime you raise an animal, this durability decreases. You have no way to increase this durability so after a set number of raising and harvesting an animal, the pen will break. Don’t worry since you can always craft one and leave it on standby so you can just claim it when you need to.

Empty Land

The Livestock Pen requires a square space of 9 free blocks. There’s a small available land in your manor in the 101 Development Zone (starting players will be taken to this area) but they’re very limited. Once you join a private camp, you’ll have access to a bigger farmland. Either way, the farmlands need to be cleared of mud, stones, and other obstacles before you can put anything on it.

How to Raise Farm Animals

Getting an Animal

You can get new farm animals from quest rewards or buying them. The easiest way is of course the latter, but you can only buy two of them a day. There are three types of animals you can raise in your Livestock Pen:

* Pig: Source of large amounts of Rib Meat

* Cow: Source of Leg Meat and Milk

* Sheep: Source of Tenderloin and Beast Fur

The pig is a common animal you can buy from Hope 101’s furniture merchant or if you’re a member of a private camp, from Tex Brandon, the camp vault guard for new dollars. Cows and sheep can be purchased from Tex Brandon as well but they’ll also require Camp Contribution points. The sheep will only become available once your Camp’s level has reached the Steam age and when your manor has reached LV7.

How to Raise Farm Animals
How to Raise Farm Animals

Once you have your animal, just head to your pen and put it there. You can only raise one animal per pen.

How to Raise Farm Animals

Taking Care of your Animal

Similar to plants, you have to take care of your farm animal to get higher yield. They will take time to grow up so check up on them often, in between your adventuring sessions. Here are the available actions:

* Massage

* Play

* Feed

* Lice Removal

Play and Massage are free actions so just select them whenever available. You can feed your animal with mushrooms and vegetables. You can get mushrooms during rainy days in Fall Forest and Farstar City.

A vegetable you can pick up really early in the game is Rapeseed, found in Fall Forest. Berries and Rapeseed share the same icon in your mini-map. Higher quality vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins are found in Farstar City only.

How to Raise Farm Animals

Lice Removal can be done as long as you have Pest Repellent - the same item you use to remove pests from crops. This can be crafted from the Farm Goods Maker for 360 Wood, 1 Lime, and 10 Hemp.

How to Raise Farm Animals

Harvesting your Animal

Once your animal is fully grown, you’ll see the gate of your pen open. When you’re ready to harvest your animal, simply walk in and tap on the prompt to slaughter it and get your resources. The pen will be empty again and you can raise a new animal.

How to Raise Farm Animals
How to Raise Farm Animals

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