August 29 Update

August 29 Update
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Official update notes are found here.

Training Event Available!

Please see our dedicated event page for more details about this event.

Updated Duty Points System

The Duty Points system has been updated. The duty points you earn from doing various tasks are automatically added to your total, without needing you to manually claim them. For reward quests on maps, (those you can accept from the bulletin boards) each individual quests have their corresponding duty points. So for example you’re in a high-level area, you can choose to do the easier tasks from the board and still earn duty points for it. Prior to the update, you can only claim 30 duty points after completing 4 reward quests on any map.

The interface has been updated. You can conveniently see the rewards you’ll potentially get from these activities and has a button where you can easily look or join parties doing that activity.

August 29 Update

The reward chests have been revamped as well. You can choose gold or new dollars in the second chest, the third chest is now a EXP chest that gives a lot of mastery points, the fourth chest lets you choose between an armor or weapon material, and the fifth chest gives you new dollars and lets you choose between skill points or Formula R&D.

August 29 Update

During the weekend, the 20% mastery bonus for exp acquired from duty point chests is still applied. However, it’s even more generous with a sixth chest being added during the weekends, which lets you choose between gold bars or Formula shards. You’ll also get a weekend resource chest as well for getting this chest. You have to reach the required duty points, which is above what the fifth chest requires, obviously.

August 29 Update

After getting your fifth chest (6th chest during the weekends), any excess Duty Points will be converted to new dollars. The converted amount will be displayed conveniently in the lower-left corner of the Daily Duty Rewards screen, as shown below.

Manor Party now available

Want to flex your wealth and manor to other players? You can now book your own party in your manor’s yard. You can do this via your Manor controller.

August 29 Update

From there, you can select one of the three party types: Birthday, Wedding, or Free party. You can also select up to three tags that fits your party's motif (if there's any). Set your party's date and time (this depends on your game's server. For NA server, it's Eastern Standard Time). The cost for booking alone is 20,000 Gold and 20,000 Nanoplastics.

August 29 Update

In the next page, you can buy furniture and props for your party, as well as accessories for your quests. Purchasing them requires Fed Credits initially. You can only buy them using Party Points after earning them from holding previous parties. According to the game's help description, the furniture can only be used for one-day. (So it's technically a rental?) The more furniture and props you buy, the higher level the party will be. Higher level parties gives you more party points.

August 29 Update

Other Features

1. Thunderstorms can now occur in Fall Forest. You can still get colds from staying in the rain for too long. Resources like Hardwood Vine and Flint, that are affected by the rain are still applied. However, if you walk under trees or stand in an open field, there’s a chance that you’ll get hit by lightning.

2. The limit of claimable chests in Charles Town’s Clash Booty Event has been increased.

3. Characters’ default pose in the outfit mall has been adjusted. This can also be used for photos and mannequins.

4. Video recording function has been added. You can access via the camera icon then tap the video recording button in the middle-right portion of the screen.

August 29 Update
August 29 Update

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