Can I Change Professions?

Can I Change Professions?
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Do you think you selected the wrong profession and you want to change to a new one? Yes, you can certainly do that. However, it will be an arduous and expensive task. To do this, you need 1000 Fed Credits, which costs real money. (around 20 USD)
Can I Change Professions?

Once you have the required number of credits, head back to Hope 101, go to the second floor of the Commerce Bureau, then talk to Jessica again. Select the option to reset and you’ll get a confirmation screen. You’ll also see there the reset rules, which makes sense since you can’t enjoy the benefits of your former profession when you’re changing to a new one. However, the cost of your certification, promotion, and learned skills will be refunded so you don’t have to start from scratch all over again. You can only change certs once every 7 days but seriously though, is it going to be worth the hassle and expenses?
Can I Change Professions?

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