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Longleaf Valley Tips Explained

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Get into this fab Eco-themed merge game with our top tips, tricks and beginners guide to help you find items.

Longleaf Valley Tips Explained
Longleaf Valley Tips Explained

If you are into merge games, then Longleaf Valley is one that you've got to try. If you have it already, then read on for our best Longleaf Valley tips, tricks and beginners guide to help you find items in the game.

Longleaf Valley Explained

Longleaf Valley is one of the best merge games we've played in a while. Things we really like about it include: the generous energy system that allows you to play for ages without running out; the fact you can get through lots of levels without struggling for board space or hard to find items; that they plant real life trees from some of the proceeds of the game, so far over 800,000 trees have been planted.

The game eases you into the process of merging items, slowly unlocking more of the board as you need it and as you progress through the early levels. Energy restores relatively quickly and with an energy cap from level 1 of 200 it is a lot more generous that many other merge games we've played, giving incredible value for a free game. So much so, that I'd actually be more inclined to spend money on Longleaf Valley because the mechanics are so good.

We could actually write a lot more about why we love this merge game, but seeing as you are here, you've probably already downloaded it. Let us know in the comments your thoughts about the game, what the game does well, and how it can improve. Let's skip to our top tips and tricks.

Longleaf Valley Tips, Tricks and Beginners Guide

First of all let's get some basic help that is good for all merge games, even if you are an experienced merge game player, hopefully a couple of these tips may be useful too.

  • Log in Regularly and Use Your Energy

    Even with games that give generous amounts of free energy, you'll still run out relatively quickly. So I would say log in to the game regularly when the game has refilled your total energy and use it up again.

    This was you can make some good progress in the game regularly, complete daily tasks and make some headway into any events that may be running. It only takes around 6 hours or so for your energy to totally refill so if you are into the game try to pop into it more often to take advantage of the free energy that you've accumulated.

    When you've run out of energy you may get one free offer of 200 energy, but there is often a chance to watch a video ad to get more energy, or to purchase some with coins.

    Coins can be a little hard to get in the game, so I just use coins in an absolute emergency.

  • Concentrate on the Quests

    There are a number of quests that appear on the top of the game board. Concentrate on getting those items as they are attached to either events, or leaves that you need to build and get points. Also, just concentrate on one producer item at a time if you can.

    So for example, if you need a lot of tools. Just hit the campsite until you've got all of the tools that you need. Then make some merges until most of the left over tools are gone, then start on another quest item from a different producer until those are all done or the producer has run out of energy.

    This way you will not clutter your board up too much with lots of low level items from many different producers and run out of space quickly.

  • Save Your Special Items

    Unless you have a great opportunity to use a special item well, save it until you do. You don't get many special items like Block Breakers, which will break any frozen items and make them usable. So figure out the best opportunity to use them.


    Likewise, you don't want to hoard special items forever. Perhaps tap on potential items that you want to unblock, tap the i button to find out about it, then make a decision as to whether you want to break it open or not.

    Special Items for More Inventory Slots
    Special Items for More Inventory Slots

    Other special items include rewards to get you more inventory slots, these can be hard to get so look out for opportunities to acquire them through rewards when you can.

  • Complete Daily Tasks

    Aim to complete the daily tasks lists to get some neat special items. Some of these may help you expand your inventory too, so really, if you are planning to play this game over the long term, completing daily tasks should be an essential part of your daily routine when you play the game.

    Complete the Daily Tasks for Good Rewards
    Complete the Daily Tasks for Good Rewards

    Most of the tasks are really easy and will likely occur naturally as you play the game except for two, collect 50 leaves and collect 25 energy, to complete these two daily tasks you need to redeem the leaves and energy from your board, so just double click them.

    Find out how much energy and leaves you get before you redeem each one, so you know that you are not getting too many or too few to complete the task.

  • Collect Leaves and Build

    As you complete quests from the list at the top of the game, you'll collect leaves as rewards. When you have enough, the game will let you know when you have enough leaves to perform an action on the build board.

    Use up leaves on tasks to increase your level in the game. This will get your more rewards as you level up and also unlock more of the board, until you've unlocked the whole board when you get to level 12.

  • Use Up Special Producers

    Whenever you see producers that you know give very little, use them up as quick as you can, so they will start to recharge again sooner. This is especially the case for event item producers.

    But also for the seed bag too, which is the only way to get flower pots that will give you flowers. As soon as the seed bag is ready, use it up to get flower pots that will give you flowers.

    This is an early stage tip though, as you get further into the game the seeds and flowers may become less important, but then you may find something similar to apply this tip too.

Longleaf Valley Items Explained

As already explained, there are hundreds of items that you can collect and merge in Longleaf Valley. While the game does a great job telling you how to get items, it does help if you can memorize where to get certain items, which producers give you which items for certain chains.

  • Campsite

    From the campsite you can get tools and camping equipment

  • Seed Bag

    From the seed bag you can get flower pot items

  • Flower Pot

    The flower pot will give you flowers

  • Tree Stump

    The tree stump will give you mushrooms and tree seeds

  • Pond

    Get fish from the pond

Look out for other special event items, such as the Vet Bag which will give you items for the vet event. There are also bags and chests that will give you board items too, as well as sometimes coins, energy and leaves.

Check out our articles for more details on how to get specific items in the game, or drop us a question for other players to try to answer if you need anything in particular.

Where to get more help for Longleaf Valley?

While you are welcome to post comments and questions on our site, the game developers have an extensive database of FAQs and help, and is a great resource for game information so be sure to check that out if you need help with anything in the game.

Here are a couple of reviews that we found while researching the game:

'I never ever give merge games a review because they usually annoy me so bad after a couple of days that I uninstall it. This game on the other hand does good for this planet by planting trees in the real world which we desperately need. Please play this game! Oh and I am having a blast playing it also 😃'

'It is very relaxing and great to know that I will be helping at the same time. I have played my game this whole time without having to add my own money. The option it there to use my own cash to pay for upgrades or bonus items, but so far, I haven't seen the need.'

Richard Gardner, Site Founder and Senior Content Writer

Richard GardnerWith over 20 years of experience in the video games and web publishing industries, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming.

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Longleaf Valley: Merge & Plant FAQs

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When you get the special animals from events, do they keep producing stuff over and over or do they disappear?

Yes!! I have had mice, birds, and sea creatures for months now, and they produce items daily! Idk if all of the animals do this, but after I won all the items in a bug event, my birds can be used to produce more bugs in bug events! Highly recommend!!

I need to sell 5 items and I can’t figure out how. How do I sell items?

Just click on the item you want to sell and push the red, rubish bin icon.

Hi. At what level do you get level 10 campsite? I'm on level 9. I'm just asking out of interest. Thank you

When I click on the backpack, at the top, it says tap an item to return to the board, but it shows me blank boxes, and at the bottom is says + 5 slots. How do I get to see the items?

Where do I find a cloth for the sewing kit?

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