Cool Vacay Summer

Cool Vacay Summer
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Event Period: July 4 - July 17, 2019

How to join the event:

All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it by pressing the Training icon in the upper right corner.

Exclusive Currency:

Cool Vacay Summer
True with other events, this event comes with its own exclusive currency - the Summer Conch. This item is only valid during the event period and can be used for purchasing items in the Event Market. You can earn it the following methods:

* Win from the Summer Benefits roulette (x60)

* Earn 10 CP during the daily Water War squirting event (x30)

* Completing tasks in Duo Training (amount varies per task)

* Exchange with Fed Credits (1 FC = 2 Summer Conches)

Cool Vacay

Limited edition Cool Vacation outfit is on sale for 1520 Fed Credits. The outfit also comes with its own exclusive action/emote.

Cool Vacay Summer
Cool Vacay Summer

Summer Benefits

During the event period, all players can get a daily free spin of the in-game roulette. Daily free spin resets at 12:00 (00:00) in-game time. Getting three of the same icons will get you the item. (not the exact amount). So for example if you got a line of three Mechanical Materials, you only get one, not three. Don’t worry if you didn’t win; you can still get 2000 dollars as consolation.

Cool Vacay Summer

You can also opt not to spin the roulette for the day. This can be saved for a chance to re-draw but you’ll still need to spend Summer Conches for the attempt. The possible items you can win is shown in the screenshot below.

Cool Vacay Summer

On top of that, simply spinning the roulette daily will also award you with free items as listed below:

* Spin after 2 days: 2 Grilled Puffer Fish

* Spin after 4 days: Lobster Feast

* Spin after 7 days: 15 Formula Shard

Water War

This activity is a fun way to get freebies during the event. You can claim a Water Gun daily that comes with 10 shots. Shooting other players first with a gun is worth 5 Cool Points. Getting shot at will earn you 1 Cool Point. Once you claimed the water gun, just equip it as an ordinary weapon and shoot it as such. A new Water Gun with fresh 10 ammo as well as the CP daily limit is refreshed at 00:00 (12AM) in-game time.

Cool Vacay Summer
[Important, please read!] Both the attacker and player getting attacked can only get CP from each other once per day. So, if you squirted on a player first you gain 5 CP and that player will get 1 CP. Both you and that player won’t get any CP anymore for the day even if he/she retaliates. Same thing if you get squirted by someone, don’t waste your shots since you won’t get any CP anymore. Basically it’s first squirt, first served.
Cool Vacay Summer

There are two places where you can easily rack up CP: your camp’s downtown or Hope 101. The latter is more recommended since it’s the hub of almost all players, and where new players spend a lot of time on. It’s easy to find four unwary targets and squirt on them. Squirting on players that recently logged out (you can still see their avatar but they have an offline icon) still count.

You only need to earn 20 CP to get all rewards daily as listed below:

* 5 CP: 500 dollars, 500 Skill Points

* 10 CP: 800 dollars, 30 Summer Conch

* 20 CP: 1000 dollars, 10 Formula Shard

TLDR: Squirt on 4 players first to get all daily Water War rewards.

Lucky Snap-up

For this event feature, you’ll have six different items up for raffle. You can participate by spending 1 Fed Credit for a “draw chance”. You can spend more to increase your drawing chances but there’s a limit on how much you can do this.

Each item has a maximum draw chance limit. In the screenshot below, the LV2 HP Reagent has a draw chance limit of 87, while the Self-Destruct Chip has 750. The number to the left of the limit indicates the number of draw chances players collectibly purchased for that

If the draw chances reached the limit or the timer for the item runs out, one player who allotted a chance for this item will be randomly selected to win said item, which will be sent to their mail. Players who didn’t win will get a Summer Conch sent to them instead, equals to the number of Fed Credits they spent for participating.

Once an item from the list has been awarded to a lucky player, another item will be randomly listed for players to participate in.

Cool Vacay Summer

Duo Training

Invite friends to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, training certs, and cash. Rewards can only be obtained once.

Cool Vacay Summer

Event Market

You can purchase items here using Summer Conches or with the combination of Fed Credits or Gold Bars. Three event-exclusive pet costumes are also available here, as well as event furniture, and extra water guns.

Cool Vacay Summer

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