What are Security Points and how to earn it?

What are Security Points and how to earn it?
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This passive points that you earn by building a Vault and storing valid items in it. Basically, you’ll earn more over time as you hoard more (valid) items. Valid items include most resources and food. To see how much security point your Vault generates per hour, access your Manor’s controller and select the Vault icon. In the lower-right, you’ll see the cumulative value of the items stored in your vault, including the hourly SP generation. Your manor’s security will affect the points you have. If your manor fails to defend itself in the daily Turbulent City Security Simulation Attack, your security points and safety rating will drop.

What are Security Points and how to earn it?

So what can you use with Security Points? You can use SP with money to purchase permanent upgrades and daily services in Vault+ (see the next page for more details) You can also use the points to purchase items like wallpapers, reagents, crystals, films, components, mines, security objects, and basic resources.

What are Security Points and how to earn it?

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