How to Earn Tech Points?

How to Earn Tech Points?
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How to Earn Tech Points?
Tech Points are used by camp members to contribute to the ongoing research project set by the mayor. A collective effort is important since each research project needs thousands of points to be fully researched and activated. Each member can only earn a set amount of Tech Points per day by doing the following activities:

Personal Economics (200 pts per day)

* Planting and harvesting plants/trees in your farmland
* Mining and quarrying ores using the Excavator
* Raising and harvesting animals

Item crafting (450 pts per day)

* Making items using the crafting stations in the weapon, armor, and furniture shops
* Making items using crafting stations you have at home
* Cooking meals using home’s grill and/or stove

Instrument Usage (20 pts per day)

*Using the camp’s Benefits Box

You won’t be able to track down the individual tech points you earn in the Personal Economics and Item Crafting categories; the only way to see them is when you’re about to donate those tech points in your private camp’s town hall’s R&D Device. Do the following:

1. Access the R&D Device
2. Select Technology R&D.
3. Select any of the three technologies you want to improve, then on the left side, you’ll see your current tech points.
4. Tap on the exclamation point to see how much tech points you earned for the day.

How to Earn Tech Points?
How to Earn Tech Points?
How to Earn Tech Points?

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