Where's the Best Spot to Fish in Santopany?

Where's the Best Spot to Fish in Santopany?
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Santopany is a high-level location with a really diverse selection of fish and other sea creatures that you can fish. With the introduction of better fishing rods and increased fishing mastery caps in the August 15, 2019 Update, "AFK Fishing" or Auto-Fishing in Santopany is worth it, for players who want to capture new fish and increase their Fishing Mastery conveniently at the same time.

The only problem with this island paradise is the occasional Typhoon that occurs regularly. While this weather effect can't deplete your HP, it can interrupt your Auto-Fishing and will slowly move your character from his/her spot. This is bad news, especially when you're not watching since the typhoon's direction changes and you won't know where the winds will take your character. Fortunately, there's a perfectly safe fishing spot where you can do AFK Fishing where the typhoon can’t affect your idle character.

First, take the yacht from Saline Bay (starting area, Difficulty I) to Twin Islands, as shown below.

Where's the Best Spot to Fish in Santopany?

As soon as you get off the yacht, you’ll immediately find the cabin by the shore. Simply head inside, find a spot by the open windows, and start fishing. This cabin is also beside a yacht and a postman where you can ship or store your catch. If you need to get home, simply take the yacht back to Saline Bay where the evac chopper is waiting.

Where's the Best Spot to Fish in Santopany?
Where's the Best Spot to Fish in Santopany?

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