How to use the new Vault System?

How to use the new Vault System?
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This very helpful feature has been introduced in July 4, 2019 update. For players with at least Manor LV3, they can opt to get a personal manor vault. This storage space is a separate instance (or dimension) where you can move your storage units from your home, to a secured location that you can easily manage from the outside.

To do this, access your manor’s controller first then select Vault. Accept the Security Plan for 500 dollars to get your default vault.

How to use the new Vault System?
How to use the new Vault System?

Next, enter Build mode and place your Vault’s entrance anywhere in your yard, preferably away from the entrance. After building the vault entrance, you can interact with it. There are three options:
* Enter: Go inside your vault
* Manage Supplies: Conveniently access the contents of your storage cabinets inside the vault from the outside
* Building Movement: Transfer storage units, furniture, and defense objects to or from your vault.

How to use the new Vault System?

For first-time users, you’ll need to transfer your storage units first so select Building Movement. In the next screen, you’ll have two tabs on the top: Manor and Vault. This will display the contents of the Manor or the Vault, whichever is selected.

How to use the new Vault System?

At the bottom you’ll see three tabs as well: Cabinet, Furniture, and Defense. You can toggle this to display the storage units, furniture, or defense items you currently have in your manor. From there, you can select which items you want to move. You can also opt to select all and move them to the vault in one go. You can do the same with the other categories. After moving them, let’s go inside the vault to see what happens.

How to use the new Vault System?
How to use the new Vault System?
How to use the new Vault System?

Inside the vault, you’ll see a massive floor space, all for you to use for free. However, you’ll notice that your items are placed haphazardly in the free space way at the back. Whenever you transfer something in the vault, it will utilize the free space and randomly place items as long as they fit. So how do we use the floor space provided? Well, you build floor boards.

How to use the new Vault System?

Construct actual wooden floors from your Material Bench and place them on the floor slots in your Vault. Once installed, you can now manually move and arrange your items to your liking. It’s a bit of a work but definitely productive if you’re an organized person.

How to use the new Vault System?

To move items from your vault, you just need to do the same method and select the Vault tab instead. Select the items you want to move back to your manor and confirm. Take note that the game won’t put back items in the same location where you moved them. You have to manually place them again. This is especially applicable to furniture and defense items.

It’s a good idea to store defense items like barrels and explosive canisters since they can clutter your manor yard and affect your manor’s appearance. Use the vault to store them then just get them back when you have an Infected Invasion event happening.

How to use the new Vault System?

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