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Merge Lords Tips and Strategy Guide

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Merge food, attack players, what more could you want?

Merge Lords Tips and Strategy Guide
Merge Lords Tips and Strategy Guide

In this interesting take on the merge game genre, Merge Lords combines typical merge gameplay with base attacking like you see in games such as Coin Master.

The game is energy based, so you only have so many turns to merge items before you run out of energy and either have to wait for energy to be restored, watch an ad, or purchase more energy in the shop.

At the start of the game you do have energy (as long as you are prepared to watch at least one ad) to get a good feel for whether or not the game will be something you would like to continue to play or not.

And if it turns out that this is a game you want to know more about, and how to play it better, then our guide below hopefully will help you out a bit.

Merge Lords Tips and Strategy Guide

Check out the Daily Delights clipboard

If you are playing this game for the first time and have run out of energy, check out the daily delights by tapping on the clipboard in the top left of the game, this is a guide to what you need to do to get rewards.

A lot of them are fairly simple to do such as build park rides. If you have been merging, then you would be getting coins as rewards, you can spend these by tapping on the hammer icon in the bottom left of the game to start building some park rides. You'll need to keep tapping on the same locations multiple times in order to complete a ride.

As you progress through the game, rides get more expensive so you'll need to keep on unlocking more food items to get more money.

How to Get More Money in Merge Lords

You get money in the game by:

  • Attacking other Players
  • Merging Food Items
  • Completing Daily Delights
  • Serving Park Customers
  • Watching Video Ads

The higher your level and more advanced your park is the more money you'll receive per minute.

Park Upgrades

Tap the hammer icon in the bottom left of the game screen to access your park rides, then just tap any of the green up arrows to upgrade a ride. If there is no arrow, then the ride is already maxed, and if the arrow is grey, then you need more money to upgrade the ride.

Complete all rides in a park to unlock the next level.

Be aware the other players can attack your rides and reduce their level. That is where permits come in, you can collect permits (these are basically shields) as you play through the game and these offer protection of one attack from another player.

Once in the park menu, you can then click the carousel icon in the bottom right this will tell you the exact status of the rides in your park and exactly how many coins you'll need to take each one to the next level.

Improving your rides is also another way to get more energy to merge food.

How to get more energy

There are a few ways to get more energy in Merge Lords.

  • Wait - Energy is restored over time
  • Construct rides - When you construct and improve rides, you'll also usually get a small amount of energy
  • Watch ads - Go to the shop and see if there is an ad to watch in exchange for some more energy.
  • Complete Daily Delights - Daily Delights can be accessed by tapping the clipboard in the top right of the game, for some of these tasks you can get extra free energy by completing them.

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