August 01 Update

August 01 Update
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As of the August 1 update, here are the new features added to the game. For the details about the event that came with this update, please check out our dedicated page for the Romantic Qixi event that came with this update.

Romantic Qixi Event

This event offers a new outfit set, new event-exclusive tasks, currency, event market, and more. For more information, please see our dedicated page for this event.
August 01 Update

Farmland Upgrade

Western Courtyard farmland components have been added to the game. Aside from looking really green and attractive, you can enable automatic watering, nourishment, weeding, or pest-removal for your plants, automatic ore excavation, automatic feeding of live animals. For more information about this automated system, kindly follow our dedicated page for this new, helpful feature.
August 01 Update

New Federation Member Perks

Being a Federation Member comes with great benefits and perks. The new update offers new and improved benefits for players who purchase this membership, as listed below:
* Instant 300 Fed Credits upon purchasing the 30-day membership
* Backpack Slots +2, Food Pack +2
* Free resource shipping for valuables and rares +20 slots
* Double sign-in rewards
* Limited-time VIP Price for some special items in the Mall.
* Number of item slots for trading +3
* Trade City Tax reduced by 5% (if you use remote access to Trade City using any TV)
* Trade City Tax reduced by 10% (if you personally visit Trade City to sell your items)

August 01 Update

Federation Members are also entitled to receive new dollars, skill points, free premium food items, and resource chests DAILY. The amount of money and skill points, and the resources members will get will depend on their Gathering Level. The higher gathering level you have, the better the rewards. You can see the rewards for your gathering level range by tapping the chest icon in the lower right corner.

August 01 Update
August 01 Update

New Graphical Settings

You can set one of the four new graphical settings to enhance your visual experience in the game. This is pretty much recommended on larger screens or PC monitors (via emulators) since the difference are pretty much noticeable.
August 01 Update

The Anti-alising option can also be enabled to improve graphics quality, along with high FPS. This option may not be available on some devices. Take note that tinkering with graphical settings will increase your mobile device’s resource consumption and battery drain.
August 01 Update

Here are the four new graphics settings:




Other Content Updates

1. The level cap for Manor LV11 owners is raised from LV60 to LV63
2. Trap Infection rewards for Gathering LV60, with 75% damage dealt (originally Spring and Flannel) have been replaced by Weapon Parts and Fiber Cloth.
3. Infected's behavior and actions have been improved.

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