What is the Camp Lunch-box?

What is the Camp Lunch-box?
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Chef Maria is an NPC found in your private camp across the Call-Board. During specific times, you can donate food to her in exchange for Camp Contribution points (currency used to purchase some items from the camp merchants)

What is the Camp Lunch-box?
What is the Camp Lunch-box?

Camp members can only donate a specific amount of ingredients per day. Each ingredient has a corresponding point as well. The type of food Chef Maria will cook will depend on how much ingredients she acquired from camp members’ donations. More ingredient contributions mean better food for everyone.

What is the Camp Lunch-box?

During specific times as well, you can eat the food Chef Maria prepared. It’s recommended for camp members to at least get a taste of her cooking since the buffs from her food lasts quite a while (hours) and it stacks with other buffs you gain from eating your own cooked food. The default food alone lasts 6 hours and improves your gathering efficiency by 4%.

What is the Camp Lunch-box?
What is the Camp Lunch-box?

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