How to Manage your Drone?

How to Manage your Drone?
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Important note: Your drone can take damage and destroyed. Avoid using it against enemies with guns like mercenaries or imperial soldiers unless you're really in a bind. Drones can help you a lot however in certain instances.

To manage your drones, you have to access your Hangar. Tap on the lower-right corner or in your normal screen, tap the drone icon in the upper-right, near your map.

How to Manage your Drone?

In the next screen, you can see all the drones you have in your possession. You can have up to six drones and you’ll start with two free slots. Additional slots can be purchased using gold bars.

How to Manage your Drone?

Drones consume energy and ammo in the following conditions:

1. Returning the drone from the hangar to the backpack

2. Drone returns to the Hangar after being used

3. Drone was launched from the Hangar

Fortunately, both energy and ammo can be replenished with nanoplastics. That’s why it’s always a good practice to convert extra resources you’re not using to have a constant supply of nanoplastics ready. There are other items that can instantly replenish these such as the Drone Magazine item that replenishes 500 ammo instantly and the Drone Battery that restores 500 energy when used.

How to Manage your Drone?

You can also swap your drone’s modules on the fly from the hangar. To do this, select a drone, then select View Details. Tap the part you want to replace, then select the replacement from the list.

How to Manage your Drone?

Drones can also replenish its HP automatically while in the hangar. Energy will be slowly consumed as this passive recovery takes place. You can also use the Quick Repair feature to quickly replenish your drone’s HP but at the cost of higher energy consumed.

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