How to receive your shipped items?

How to receive your shipped items?
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All items shipped to you must be withdrawn from your mailbox which is in front of manor, by the gate. Each parcel in your mailbox will have a 60-day time limit before they expire. If you belong to a private camp, resources that you shipped may get taxed. Depending on your camp’s set limit, a portion of the resources shipped will be deducted. The deduction is negligible and the tax is necessary for your camp’s overall growth anyway.

How to receive your shipped items?

Also, use the convenient mailbox feature called Smart Storage. This will automatically transfer items in your mailbox with the same name that’s in any of your storage. So for example, you shipped 200 wood, 100 stones, 50 hemp, 2 bandages, and 5 iron ores. Back in your manor, you have 50 wood in cabinet 1, 50 stones and 10 hemp in cabinet 2, and you don’t have any iron ores or bandages in storage. When you use Smart Storage, all wood, stones, and hemps in that parcel will be automatically transferred to their respective cabinets, while the bandages and iron ores will remain in your possession.

How to receive your shipped items?

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