What are Achievements?

What are Achievements?
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Achievements are milestones or tasks you have completed while playing the game. Most of these are acquired simply by playing the game normally. Each achievement has a corresponding amount of points. If you collected enough points, you’ll be able to claim one-time rewards like new dollars, gold bars, and formula shards.

To view your completed and in-progress achievements and to know whether you can already collect a reward, tap on the Home button on the upper left, scroll to the right, then choose Achievements.

What are Achievements?

If there’s a reward available for you, you’ll see the Claim button. Tap that to receive your reward. The next amount of points you have to reach will be displayed as well.

What are Achievements?

To see your individual achievements, tap on Achiv. Manual tab on the top. Here you can expand the categories on the left and check your progress on the achievements listed as shown below.

What are Achievements?

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