How to Repair Rare Weapons and Armor

How to Repair Rare Weapons and Armor
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Rare gears are usually more powerful and will have special bonus effects than their ordinary counterpart. It's understandable that maintaining them can be challenging. Bring your rare gear in the Repair Bench and it will automatically be considered a Delicate Repair.

One of the common options is the Simple Repair option where you have to spend money to restore a weapon's durability with a considerable sturdiness loss. Rare equipment in the other hand can be repaired via the Delicate Repair option from your Repair Workbench. This option will require components to repair them instead. What's interesting is that when repairing them, their sturdiness doesn't go down that much, allowing you to keep them and use them in battle for longer. This is particularly useful for really rare weapons such as the Assault Howitzer or Type 95 rifle.

How to Repair Rare Weapons and Armor

As of the August 15 Update, you can now repair your gear even when you're not home. This can be done by the Portable Repair update. However, only Simple Repair is the only available repair option in this mode and will consume both Nanoplastics I and II. To do portable repairing, do the following steps:
1. Open backpack
2. Select equipment to repair
3. Tap Repair.

How to Repair Rare Weapons and Armor
How to Repair Rare Weapons and Armor

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