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The 1% Club TV Show

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Do you have all the answers to make it to the top 1%

The 1% Club app, is the official app of the popular TV show of the same name. If you love trivia, then this game should be an interesting one for you to check out.

In the game you have to play through a series of rounds of increasingly more difficult questions in order to see how far you can get, or if you can reach the final 1% category, which is meant to be a a category that only 1% should be able to get to.

The 1% Club Answers

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How to Answer the Questions

In the game, the questions can get increasingly more obscure as you pass through the levels, once you get used to the style and some of the tricks in the questions, that should help you with other questions where the answers are not so straight forward r require some thinking outside of the box.

For example, we saw one question that was asking for the location of the question mark... There was none in the text, but there was one in the questions related to the problem, and that was the correct answer.


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