Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)
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This event has been set live on Aug 26, 2019. Similar to the recent Imperium invasion event, this will have “world-wide” effects and with its progress directly affected by the participation of all players. Players can participate in various activities that will help develop a universal vaccine to counter the infection. Since the vaccine research will progress automatically, players just need to continue with their normal gameplay and participate on event-specific activities should they wish to. The details about this event can be seen by tapping the DB icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

During this event, the effects below are active. As the infection level increases, more effects will become available so watch out for them.

1. If you get downed accidentally when you have low health, a sentient Infected Freak will appear.

2. Food poisoning will occur frequently. Don’t consume wild plants or animals without cooking them first.

3. Weather effects such as rain, snow, and sandstorms will deplete your health bar.

4. Swimming in the wilderness can also cause your health to steadily decline. Don’t stay in the water for too long. This doesn’t seem to affect Camp Ponds during light infection. We don’t know yet if this changes as the infection spreads.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

At Moderate Infection, these effects will be applied.

1. At 12:30 every day, a Huge Infected Freak will appear. This seems to be similar to Mystic Creatures since multiple players are needed to work together to defeat this one.

2. Some areas will be invaded by Elite Infected. You can find them roaming in the purple infected area in the map. Avoid them if you're not powerful enough to deal with them.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Vaccine Research Progress

The following activities help in the overall progress of the vaccine research:

1. Pay camp operation costs

2. Upgrading the camp period or technology

3. Claim Camp Territories

4. Build Private Buildings

5. Complete Patrol Route quests.

6. Buy goods from camp merchants

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Earn Memorial Coins by Donating Supplies

Give supplies to Donut in Hope 101 (near Matilda) to earn Memorial Coins. You can donate a wide variety of items such as food, antiseptics, bandages, materials, etc. Each one will have different values or Contribution Points. 100 contribution points = 1 Memorial Coin. There will also be specific items needed for donation. If you hand them over, you’ll get 20% extra contribution points.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)
Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Bandages and Antiseptics are very cost-effective since each one is worth 200 CP. As such, it’s better to convert extra resources you have to nanoplastics than using hemp to craft them. Take this one for example:

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

If you donate 1 Copper Ore, you’ll 45 contribution point per piece. However, if you convert a copper ore, you can get 15-26 nanoplastics. You can make 1 bandage for 30 nanoplastics. So converting 1-2 copper ore means essentially you can donate a bandage worth 200 CP.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

You can earn up to 300 memorial coins a day from donating this way. You can still obtain Memorial Coins from other sources, such as rescuing refugees or giving gifts to the medical personnel (their icons appear in the map) in the wilderness. This limit is refreshed after daily reset.

Refugees in the wild

You can find refugees while exploring various maps. Giving them the items they request will give you 2 Memorial Coins per refugee. There’s a limit of how many refugees you can help in a day. This limit is refreshed after daily reset.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)
Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Gifts to Medical Personnel

These are medical staff stationed in various locations in the map. You can give them up to 10 gifts (food worth more Favorability per piece) per day. However, this 10-gift limit is applicable to every other NPC you can give gifts to. Reaching 5000 Favorability is worth 20 Memorial Coins. This limit is refreshed after daily reset.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

Temporary Titles

You’ll gain Resistance Titles such as Resistant, Selfless Dedication, Disaster Relief Hero, and Charitable Ambassador. The higher your title is, the more items will be available for you to exchange in the Resistant Storehouse. Continue earning Memorial Coins to unlock more titles. These titles can be worn during the event and will expire shortly after the event is over.

Virus Infection Event (Aug 28)

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