How to Ship Items To Your Home?

How to Ship Items To Your Home?
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The best place to farm for materials are pact zones (PvE) like Falls Forest and Sand Castle since you don’t have to worry about annoying player-killers from attacking you and stealing your loot. Take note that there special maps where you can’t gather and ship resources.

You can ship items back to your manor via evac choppers in fixed locations but these come with daily limits.

* Unlimited common (gray-colored)

* 120 Rare (green) items

* 60 Valuable (blue) items

How to Ship Items To Your Home?

You can still ship rare and valuable items past the daily limit but it will cost you gold bars. Rare items costs 5 gold per piece while Valuable items costs 10 gold per piece to be shipped. Take note that even the paid quota has its limit so plan what you’re shipping back home in the long run. If you purchased the Trade Federation Membership, your free daily shipping limit can be increased to 20 for 30 days.

How to Ship Items To Your Home?

If you belong to a private camp, resources that you shipped may get taxed. Depending on your camp’s set limit, a portion of the resources shipped will be deducted. The deduction is negligible and the tax is necessary for your camp’s overall growth anyway.

How to Ship Items To Your Home?

Shipping limits are exclusive to their respective zones. So for example you reached your limit in Falls Forest, going to another area like Sand Castle or Farstar will still allow you to send rare and valuable items to your home since they have their own limit.

You can check out the remaining shipping limits in each zone by accessing the transport chopper in your camp, selecting an area, tap on the exclamation point by the area's portrait/thumbnail, then select Mailing Today. You’ll see what you’ve shipped from that map for the day, including the free and paid limits.

How to Ship Items To Your Home?
How to Ship Items To Your Home?

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