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Tower Craft 3D - Idle Block Building Game
Idle Tower Builder Game
Tower Craft 3D is an idle skyscraper construction game where you have to idly construct a super high ..
Animal Warfare
Animal Warfare Card Collecting Battle Sim
Animal Warfare is a really well made free to play card collecting battle sim. Where you basically collect ..
Archer: Danger Phone
I swear I had something for this
Archer: Danger Phone is a new idle simulation game from East Side Games Studio based on the hit TV show ..
Time to Kill - Break Some Buildings
Demolish is a polished, albeit simple, game from the prolific game publisher, Voodoo. With over 1 million ..
House Life 3D
Pass some time with this collection of mini games
House Life 3D is a collection of simple mini games, all are really intuitive and part of the fun is ..
Papers Grade, Please!
Casual School Game
Papers Grade Please is a casual game set in a classroom by the prolific publisher, Lion Studios. The ..
Pokémon: Magikarp Jump
Hours of fun to be had with this Magikarp spin-off
Magikarp Jump is a new spin-off Pokemon game by The Pokemon Company available for free on both Android ..
Since the sudden, explosive success of Minecraft, a lot of other games popped up to capitalize on the ..