How to Cook Food?

How to Cook Food?
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You can cook food from your home or while in the wilderness. At home, you just need to craft a BBQ Grill. While cooking at home, the ingredients in your storage and backpack can be used. Just select the ingredients, start cooking, wait for the cooking to finish, and retrieve your food.

How to Cook Food?
How to Cook Food?

When cooking in the wilderness however, you’ll need several things:
1. Complete ingredients of your food
2. Wood or hemp to start a fire
3. Bonfire or oven to use

For PvE maps like Fall Forest and Sand Castle, “safe areas” like caves and cabins will have ovens and campfires respectively. Put in some wood or hemp, ignite the fire, and cook the food you want, provided that you brought the ingredients with you. Make sure to pick up the food you cooked; otherwise, they’ll be left in the public oven/ campfire you used.

How to Cook Food?

In friendly areas like Hope 101 or your private camp, there are public ovens/grills you can use. However, similar to the campfires in the wilderness, you need to put in some fuel (wood or hemp) to start the fire and cook your food.

How to Cook Food?
How to Cook Food?

For maps without safe areas, you can craft your own portable bonfire for 240 wood. This will take up a backpack slot. To use it, you have to double-tap to equip it, then deploy it on a suitable ground. This portable campfire can’t be relocated so once you deploy it, you can either leave it there or demolish it. You can use portable campfires left by other players as well. Take note that you can’t cook in the open if it’s raining.

How to Cook Food?

Food cooked in the wilderness using materials gathered there will also be infected so make sure to consume them while you’re in the map since you won’t be able to take them back home anyway. They can still be shipped (which is fine for common food), but rare and valuable food (green and blue) will just add up to your daily shipping limit.

Cooked food is stored separately in your backpack so they won’t take space the same as your normal inventory. When you expand your backpack, the slots for cooked food is expanded as well. Make sure that you deploy your favorite foods to the quick access menu so you can easily eat them when needed.

How to Cook Food?
How to Cook Food?

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