What is the Benefits Box?

What is the Benefits Box?
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This is a chest where every camp member can claim a reward daily. You can fast-travel to it by selecting Camp Chest. If you're in the town plaza, look for Chef Maria. The box is the fruit stand behind her.

What is the Benefits Box?

What is the Benefits Box?

By default, players can claim 10 berries per day as set the Trade Federation. This can be claimed by any number of citizens. Additionally, the camp’s mayor (or other officers of the camp) can set another item from the camp vault for the members to claim daily. In the example below, 10 citizens can claim 10 stones per day. Claiming the box's contents daily can add up to 20 Tech Points, which you can use to contribute to the camp's ongoing research technologies.

What is the Benefits Box?

For players who switched to the Duty Rewards System, simply claiming from the camp’s benefits box can give them easy 3 duty points!

What is the Benefits Box?

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