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Q: The top five characters named Mary?
A: Iron man
Rise of Kingdoms
Q: In which country was the Somme, the most infamous in world war 1 ..
A: France
Puzzles & Survival
Q: How do you lvl heroes to 400?
A: You can evolve heroes past 350 (to then level up to 400) but you ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: The store keeps saying to come back later. It's been over a month ..
A: That doesn't sound right. None of my stores say that. Make sure you ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: On junes, I went to add more flowers and decorate the estate. So ..
A: You must wait until the decorations finish construction and you removed ..
Puzzles & Survival
Q: In what country is the Pyramid of the Moon located? Fox's Test
A: Mexico
Puzzles & Survival
Q: How many types of talents does a commander have? Fox's Test
A: 3
Puzzles & Survival
Q: How many daily free attempts do you have to join the Hero Duel-Survival ..
A: 3