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WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D
Q: What to do if you want to LVL your clan up?? Like I have almost left ..
A: Sadly, the only way to lvl up the clan is to kill ALL the bosses ..
Mini Golf King
Q: Our leader has been inactive for many months. As co leader can I ..
A: No, unfortunately not. I’m currently the acting leader of my team ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: I often see requests from other teams asking for new members but ..
A: Enter the lounge and tap on the people icon in bottom left. In the ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: Where is the mailbox?
A: It is the little mailbox on the SE corner of your island between ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: I cannot go to next level. It says visit storage and redecorate ..
A: To reach the next level, you must add the required number of Flower ..
Dragon Raja
Q: А кто такой учитель психолог в колледж ..
A: Масаси Тояма
Dragon Raja
Q: At what level does an EX become known as god lvl ?
A: 112
State of Survival
Q: What can you do if your leader goes inactive?
A: You have to wait, the game will automaticly transfer leader status ..