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Hidden Hotel
Q: Since last update game will not open. This has gone on for 3 days. ..
A: Have you reported this to the developers? They would be the ones ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: How to increase my combat power?
A: Your total combat power is the sum of your troops power, building ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: Do shield timers stack in the game?
A: No they don't. If you add a shield the old one will be removed and ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: How to reassign president?
A: The leader of the winning alliance can assign themselves or any other ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: Why does my base durability slowly keep decreasing after a battle ..
A: After being attacked your base will burn for 30 minutes but the durability ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: How can I load my existing game last shelter onto my iPhone?
A: If you have bound your game to an external account (IM30 account) ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: What is the real price of custom avatar in php bills? I did not know ..
A: I can't tell you the cost, but perhaps there is a tax or extra payment ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: Why has my state not have svs ke yet we been doing coz for over 6 ..
A: During CoZ you will have 4 weeks of active SvS events and then 1 ..