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Solar Smash
Q: How do you make a flat earth?
A: Use lasers (power 5) to cut it into a disk shape
Solar Smash
Q: How to unlock a ghost world?
A: You can spam the earth with ghost one-punch man until you get an ..
Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game
Q: When playing. It comes up “choose one”. When open, it says 'local ..
A: I agree with everyone else. I like this game but I don’t enjoy ..
Adorable Home
Q: Should I buy the farm or the kitchen first?
A: Get the farm first so you can start making food to cook when you ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: I've just upgraded the chapel and not received flowers, this is the ..
A: Try to take screenshots before you upgrade and after, so you can ..
Adorable Home
Q: What crop grows the fastest?
A: Strawberries, these take 8 hours
Adorable Home
Q: How do you get more cats?
A: From cat boxes. Go to the shopping cart to find them. Each one gives ..
Adorable Home
Q: Is there any way to get beef and chicken without buying it? I already ..
A: Doesn't seem to be a way