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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Q: Reign of Chaos: Cannot Occupy! Lvl 2 Territory required - What does ..
A: When you start occupying tiles / plots in Reign of chaos you need ..
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Q: How can I create my own Alliance?
A: You will need to not be in an alliance to start a new one. Make sure ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: When splitting craft parts, would the materials returned of the same ..
A: When you split a part, it will return the same level of material ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: What happens if I clear game cache of my last shelter survival?
A: Nothing major. Cache is just temporary storage of game files. You ..
Magic Rampage
Q: Best weapon in the game????
A: I got 14000 with Ranger, Champion set, Ice Claw and Water ring
Q: Yo so after cleos phone call I’m stuck and idk what to do help??? ..
A: That's the close of episode 2 now waiting for episode 3 to get done ..
Pocket Universe - 3D Gravity Sandbox
Q: I put a rocky planet in orbit around a star in a nebula and it turn ..
A: Yes
Pocket Universe - 3D Gravity Sandbox
Q: I got Neptune but not Uranus. How is this possible?
A: Glitches