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Last Shelter: Survival
Q: I have already an account whose base is level 17. Just wondering ..
A: Not sure what you mean by having to build another base? If you start ..
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle
Q: What age must you be to play this game?
A: The app store has it listed as 12+ The details on the rating are ..
Partymasters - Fun Idle Game
Q: What age is this game approved for ?
A: Google play has it listed as PEGI 3, so from ages 3 and up.
Partymasters - Fun Idle Game
Q: What age is this game approved for ?
A: I think it should be 4 because there’s no swearing in it
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: My game is not earning keys anymore. Why is this?
A: You get keys when there is a "Detectives Needed" event. The keys ..
Turbo Stars
Q: How do you get the most coins from the bonus stages?
A: Swipe carefully (not too quickly) to move accurately into the lines ..
Turbo Stars
Q: What are the keys for in Turbo stars?
A: Once you collect 3 keys you can use them to open rewards chests. ..
Turbo Stars
Q: Why doesn't the game let me watch the ads? I want to claim a skateboard ..
A: This seems to be a glitch in the game. The ads don't load and so ..