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Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something that people do during baby showers?
A: Play games Give gifts Eat Talk Cry.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: If you had a tail, name something that would make you wag?
A: Food Happy Good looking person Spouse Friend.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name a sign that a pair of underwear is ready for the garbage?
A: Worn out Stained Smells Elastic breaks.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something you shouldn't bring to bed with you?
A: Food Phone Anger Pet Work.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something scary that might happen to you in a dream?
A: Dying Falling Being chased Monsters.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something that your car might warn you of?
A: Running out of gas Oil level Engine trouble Brakes Open doors.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something a burglar might carry with them when they work?
A: Gun Flashlight Crowbar Gloves Screwdriver Mask Lock pick.
Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name a reason why your boss might make you work overtime?
A: Busy Deadlines Understaffed Behind on work Late Punishment.

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