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Golf Clash
Q: How can I qualify for a tournament?
A: You need to enter the tournament which will place you in a league. ..
Golf Clash
Q: When can I join a clan?
A: After you start you need to play until you reach the Rookie 1 Player ..
Art of War: Legions
Q: How many levels are there currently for this game? I am at 301 have ..
A: 4000
Dragon Raja
Q: The Hydras' dragon bloodline is passed down from...
A: The light king.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Q: Rowans farm trees make the best what?
A: Wands
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Q: Rowan : Where was our first Flying Class?
A: Training grounds
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Q: What was your first class with rowan?
A: Charms class
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Q: Which spell is one of the unforgivable curses?
A: Crucio