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Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery
Q: Where is the snap hook located?
A: Depends on the current scene, there is one found in Find a Scuba ..
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Q: Can my castle be attacked in Eden while I'm out of Eden in my ..
A: Yes, But you don't loose anything
Travel Town
Q: I am on level 48, stuck on sewing workshop, need me finish 3 ..
A: You must send number of gold pieces and tools they Ask. There is ..
Project Makeover
Q: How many levels are there?
A: I'm on level 2383 now. I hope it'll never ends. :D
Street Fighter: Duel
Q: What is Seth’s serial number?
A: Answer-15
Death Palette
Q: How to get past day 4+ of matsuro?
A: Get the posing cats and put them in a circle to make a cat shape
Death Palette
Q: How long is this game?
A: A few hours or more
Death Palette
Q: How many ways to die are there?
A: 47 deaths