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Q: What are you buying if you pay for the piggy bank?
A: Paying for the piggy bank buys you the coins that are inside. It ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: State 413 is currently in week 23. Any thoughts (from our elder state-folk) ..
A: For state immigration the rules state it should open 21 weeks after ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: How do you get out of the doomsday event and go back to the regular ..
A: If you are in the New Eden event for doomsday (season X) where you ..
Last Shelter: Survival
Q: In the state 658 now I can not get into the game, because I forgot ..
A: If you have forgotten the email address then you will need to use ..
Polynesia Adventure
Q: Where do I find the stuff to make cement?
A: You make the gravel in your quarry and you dig up the clay deposit ..
Matchington Mansion
Q: My Matchington mansion game keeps shutting off and I’m almost done ..
A: Same thing happened to me. I’m on the last room and at level 1941. ..
BitLife - Life Simulator
Q: What are your salary expectations?
A: Negotiable one
Idle Stickman
Q: What is the max prestige level for a gate?
A: The max prestige for a ‘gate’ is 25
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