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Family Feud® Live!
Q: Name something who you wouldn’t want to run into during a ..
A: ex, family, boss, burglar, police officer
Rise of Kingdoms
Q: Which of the following descriptions of microscopes is false?
A: They can be used to observe stars
Lily's Garden
Q: Level 1943 - I’m stuck on this level. I just don’t ..
A: Two magic flasks next to each other will clear all stumps at once
Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery
Q: (Spoiler): What happens if I were to blame Mrs Bird at the end?
A: Mrs. Bird says that she is not the murderer and she is hurt that ..
Q: I have several heroes (including Conrad and Peggy) at level 30, ..
A: For level S heroes you have to recruit and get a duplicate cards ..
Little Hero: Idle RPG
Q: Who held a goblet when she was taking to you?
A: Merc Envoy
Puzzles & Survival
Q: What can you gain from builder gear?
A: Reduce build cost
Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery
Q: Who should I choose to take to the Jungle to search with? Jax ..
A: Not sure if it matters, I went with Dr. Kat and Margot