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Genshin Impact
Q: Can I change my server without loss of the progress? From EU to NA. ..
A: no
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: Why am I not receiving the boggy bridge on June's Journey?
A: Boggy Bridge and Scary Story are Marvelous prizes this month (Oct ..
June's Journey - Hidden Object
Q: When you say left to right, do you mean all the ones on the left ..
A: No, I mean as they are written on the bottom of the screen: left ..
Disc Pool Carrom
Q: How to remove guest friends in carrom disc pool?
A: Delete the application. And reload it..
Merge Manor : Sunny House
Q: Where do my pumpkin plants go in sunny house?
A: Place them in the normal spots where you usually put flower down There ..
Merge Manor : Sunny House
Q: How do I retrieve my safe box of the day?
A: Once you claim it from the shop it should appear in the bottom middle ..
The Ants: Underground Kingdom
Q: Can I switch my account from android to iOS?
A: No. It's impossible to switch account between android and iOS. I ..
The Grand Mafia
Q: I want to unsubscribe from exclusive privileges but there is no way ..
A: Go to Google play and unsubscribe from there