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Puzzles & Survival
Q: How do you extend March distance I need to defeat zombie lair?
A: You are probably too far from your Alliance. relocate closer to your ..
Puzzles & Survival
Q: Why did my protected resources still get taken?
A: Protected Resources sit within the Warehouse cap. These cannot be ..
Puzzles & Survival
Q: Where can I see the alliances ranking within a state?
A: At the bottom of the Leader board.
Puzzles & Survival
Q: How to activate nova in the game?
A: Complete the tasks as set out in the storyline. You need a certain ..
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Q: What is victory that is what Bill Weasley ask while playing gobstones? ..
A: Progress
Q: How do you play each other?
A: Unfortunately, You can’t.
Q: Can you play multiplayer?
A: Unfortunately, Not at this time.
Super Stylist - Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru
Q: I keep having to exit out of game because ad won't let me exit out. ..
A: I’m also stuck with problem nothing i do seems to work, i’ve ..