How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter

How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter
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This is a quick guide to crafting the repair bench in Life After as many have asked this question. To craft the repair bench you simply need to collect the required resources and then go to the right place to make it. You’ll need to craft a Repair Bench and place it in your manor to repair your gear. However, this is not available in your manor’s crafting menu but from a Furniture Shop in either Hope 101 or your Private Camp's furniture shop.

First, you have to collect 600 wood and 4 Iron Ores. Iron Ore is a secondary resource you can get by mining stones in Fall Forest and Farstar City.

Once you have the materials, visit the furniture shop in Hope 101 and interact with the lumber being lifted up and down to open the craft menu. (If you already belong to a Private Camp, you have to do it there instead). Don’t worry if you have these materials in your manor's storage since you don’t need to bring the materials to Hope 101 Furniture shop or the Private Camp Furniture shop since they'll be able to recognize the materials you have in storage.

How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter
How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter

Wait for 10 mins for the crafting to finish and once done, it will be sent automatically via mail back to your manor. Return to your manor and get it from the mail. You can now go inside the house and choose the option to 'Build'. Select 'Furniture' -> 'Repair Bench', then place it where you want.

How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter

To repair an item, use the bench, select the weapon, and pay for its repair. Take note that not all gears can be repaired. Also, the more durability that needs to be restored, the more you have to pay.

How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter

Take note that whenever you repair your weapon, its durability will be restored but its sturdiness will permanently decrease. You can repair it over and over again but doing so will further decrease its sturdiness, down to the point it will become useless. However, this will take several repair sessions and they don’t really degrade that fast so you’ll be using the weapon’s worth in the long run.

How to craft the repair bench in LifeAfter

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