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Event Period: 08/15/2019 - 08/28/2019

How to join the event

All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it by pressing the Summerfest icon in the upper right corner of the screen


Exclusive Currency

The Hand Fan is the game’s premium currency for this event. These are gained by completing Duo Training tasks, participating in the Fishing Contest, winning them from the Lucky Hunt, or buying them from the Event Market. (1 credit = 2 Hand Fans) Unused Hand Fans will be automatically converted to cash at the end of the event.


Bright Youth Outfit

A new attractive costume is now available for purchase during this event. The set costs 1520 credits and comes with its own exclusive action. You can buy the headpiece and clothes individually for 540 and 980 credits respectively.


Fishing Contest

This contest is available every 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 daily, during the event duration. There are three fish ponds available, each catering on the participant’s fishing mastery level and access to rods. You can challenge the same fish pond to aim for a higher score but the rewards can only be obtained once. The higher the difficulty, the better fishing rod is needed (Fiberglass Fishing Rod is the best rod prior to the update). Higher difficulties also mean better rewards.


Participating in the contest will still give you rewards, as long as you’ve met or exceeded the minimum score. In this case, I was still able to earn 3000 dollars and 20 Hand Fans for scoring more than 300. We’re cannot confirm yet if the minimum score and participation rewards will differ for other difficulties.


Your score will be counted based on the number and rarity of the fish you’ve caught. You'll also get bonus score for getting a "Perfect Catch". This can be obtained ensuring that the cursor stays in the green "sweet spot", without even briefly turning red by over-reeling or relaxing the line too much.


The top 10 players will receive additional rank rewards daily in the form of gold bars and skill points. For Hard difficulty ranked players, Top 1-5 will get their limited-time titles. Different Rank Rewards are given to participants on each difficulty.


How to participate in the contest

1. To participate, you have to talk to Aleksia to start the challenge. The challenge lasts 8 minutes.

2. Find one of the many fishing spots (look for the icon on the minimap or the swirling school of fish in the water.

3. Equip your fishing rod and bait. Cast your line to the fishing spot.

4. Wait for a bite, then reel in as you normally would when fishing.


Additional notes about this contest:

* You can’t take home the fish you’ve caught in the contest. However, you’ll still earn fishing mastery.

* This contest is a combination of luck and skill. Your chance of hooking a King Fish (see below) is random, and catching it will take skill of course.

* Make sure to bring your rod and baits before participating. The type of bait you’re using matters.

* Baits that you crafted on the event area is considered infected and will be destroyed as soon as you leave the instance.

* You can auto-fish in the contest but it’s not recommended since your chance of catching any fish is lower compared to manual fishing.

* The King Fish (Big Cuttlefish) will be a bit tricky to catch since the “sweet spot” of your fishing gauge will be moving, not to mention that the green spot is smaller. Try your best in focusing on catching this since it’s worth 100 points.


This activity is similar to last month’s Dessert Rush. This takes place between 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 every day. You'll only get one chance to participate per day. Visit Hope 101 and talk to the Dessert Master Tian to participate in this event.


Upon starting the challenge, a dish will be displayed. You have to make the specified dish within 60 seconds by selecting the correct ingredients available. You can select the same ingredients multiple times as needed. You can skip the dishes you don’t know up to two times during the challenge.


Here’s the list of dishes for this event. Knowing their recipes beforehand will give you an advantage. Take note that this list is taken from the game's description of the event. Some of them may have inaccurate translations. (We will try to put the ingredients here as we discover them, please add them in the comments below if you have any additional recipes in the list)

* Creamy Soup (2 Meat, 1 Vegetable, 1 Milk)

* Dumplings (2 Meat, 1 Mushroom, 1 Flour)

* Egg Baked with Mushroom (2 Egg, 2 Mushrooms)

* Egg Dumplings with Fresh Meat (1 Egg, 3 Meat)

* Egg Yolk and Corn Cookie (2 Egg, 1 Corn, 1 Flour)

* Fried Pepper and Egg (2 Egg, 2 Cayenne Pepper)

* Fried Squid Rings (2 Squid, 2 Flour)

* Grilled Red Snapper (Red Snapper, 3 Blueberries)

* Grilled Squid (Squid, 3 Blueberries)

* Honey Grilled Meat (2 Tenderloin, 2 Honey)

* Mince Pie (2 Tenderloin, 2 Crude Flour)

* Mushroom Skewers (2 Meat, 2 Mushrooms)

* Nutritious Stew (2 Meat, 1 Crude Flour, 1 Milk)

* Sandwich (2 Meat, 1 Crude Flour, 1 Fruit)

* Spaghetti (1 Meat, 1 Vegetable, 1 Fruit, 1 Flour)

* Steamed Fish Head with Peppers (2 Fish, 2 Cayenne Pepper)

* Steamed Hilsa Herring (Hilsa Herring, 3 Blueberries)

* Sweet and Spicy Meatballs (2 Meat, 1 Cayenne Pepper, 1 Honey)

* Vegetable Quiche

This contest’s ranking will be calculated at 22:00 daily according to each player’s highest score. The Top 10 players will receive extra rewards like gold bars, skill points, and exclusive titles. Dishes you successfully crafted during this event will be added to your food pack immediately. If your food pack is full, they will be mailed to you instead. Any dish you cook in the Cook-off will not unlock their recipe for your own use. You still need to get the ingredients yourself and cook them in your home grill or stove to unlock their respective recipes.

Fireworks Blessing

During the event period, survivors with Manor LV3 and above can collect Fireworks materials randomly by gathering resources in different maps, defeating enemies, or fishing. You can collect a maximum of 20 fireworks materials per day.


You can then surrender the fireworks materials to the indicated NPCs in your camp, Hope 101, or Santophany. For every 10 fireworks materials you submit, you’ll get 1000 new dollars and 500 skill points. You can submit up to two times a day, earning you 2000 new dollars and 1000 skill points.


The materials submitted to the NPCs are collective per location. So for example, it doesn’t matter if private camp members submit their fireworks materials to Armight, Liza, Julie, etc. The total amount of materials will still be counted as a whole. Once enough materials (200 materials total) have been collected, free fireworks shows will be held in their respective locations. There will be 9 free shows daily. Take a selfie during these free fireworks shows to get a 1000 dollars and 500 skill points bonus reward!

Lucky Hunt

Every player gets a free draw daily and 100 New Dollars for a chance to get a random rewards in displayed prize pool. For the succeeding draws, you need to exchange 120 Hands for 100 New Dollars. Always get the free daily draw since it’s still a chance to get something. You can also consider saving your Hand Fans and do the Draw x5 from the current prize pool since it's more bang for the buck.


Players have a free refresh daily to shuffle the available prizes in the prize pool. Further refresh attempts will cost 100 Hand Fans. You’ll get cumulative rewards after 10, 40, 80, 150, and 300 draws.


Duo Training Event

Invite friends to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, hand fans, money, and many more. Rewards can only be obtained once. Hand Fans can be used to redeem various items and resources in the event market.


Event Market

Exchange Hand Fans to get exclusive items, resources, and packs. Some packs and item may require a combination Hand Fans and gold, fed credits, or federation checks. The Watermelon Backpack is the event-exclusive cosmetic item that you can buy, as well as a chance to get a 9 Grid Rocky courtyard since it's not yet available via Formula Exchange in your Formula Research station.


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