Sep 12 Update

Sep 12 Update
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Official update notes are found here:

Mid-Autumn Event Available!

New event and costume has been applied in the update. Please see our dedicated page for this event for more details about this event.

Sep 12 Update

Back to Hope Valley

This ia high level instance that will take players back to Hope Valley, the tutorial area where new players have to play when they start the game. This mode gives a lot of new dollars and skill points upon completion. Similar to Miska, you can only receive rewards once per day but you can return to the Valley. Rewards will be sent to you via mail.

Sep 12 Update
Sep 12 Update

Here are some notes to consider before tackling this instance:

1. This mission is divided to several sub-sections. Some will require all team members to be in the same spot before they’ll get transported to the next section.

2. You’ll encounter newly mutated bugs that can’t be killed. You can only temporarily stun them with a molotov fire or prevent them from approaching you using torches. The torch method doesn’t seem to work on a horde of these bugs as some may ignore your torch and still damage you.

3. Molotovs and ladder platforms will be provided through limited paradrops.

4. Weapon durability loss is decreased by 90%. However, if you die without getting revived or if you respawned, you’ll suffer 10 points durability loss to your weapon and armor.

5. The ONLY free ammo (fine ammo box) can be acquired halfway in the mission.

6. The special infected boss requires to be softened up with molotovs before you can damage it. Throw molotovs to destroy its eyes and to force it turn belly up. During this moment can you only deal damage.

7. Resources obtained from this instance can't be taken out.

New Mall UI

The mall interface has been updated, making it easier to browse through specials and normal items. During the Top Deals event, players with LV2 Manor and above can receive free daily gifts that gets refreshed after 24 hours since the last claim. The 2018 Furniture Pack will also be on sale again, from Sep 12 - Sep 26.

Sep 12 Update
Sep 12 Update

Other Feature and Content Updates

1. Part Composition has been removed. For LV7 attachments below, you have to “feed” armor and mechanical materials to them to upgrade them. The attachment will receive the corresponding EXP per material you feed to it. For attachments LV7 and above, the same rules are applied.

Sep 12 Update

2. The Acting Mayor can become an official Mayor if he/she rendered 30 days of service in behalf of the absentee mayor.

3. Players will get a second confirmation screen when trying to blacklist or delete Friends. After getting blacklisted or deleted, the Friendliness level will be retained for 3 days before getting completely reset.

Charles Town Clash Booty Event’s max score has been adjusted to 3000. The basic score for burying treasure chests have been slightly increased.

4. Charles Town Clash treasure chests cannot be buried to Military Factory areas anymore.

5. Fixed an issue where it's possible to receive Prestige repeatedly by beating down the same player in Farstar City.

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