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LifeAfter Cheats and Tips

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Oct 10 Update
Oct 10 Update
Official update notes are found here. Fearless Adventure Kindly refer to our dedicated page for this Memorial Coin “world” event. New ..
Fearless Adventure (Oct 10)
Fearless Adventure (Oct 10)
Event Stages For more details about this event, tap the Adventure icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. During this event, you can ..
Training Event (Oct 10)
Training Event (Oct 10)
Event Period: 10/10/2019 - 10/23/2019 How to join the event All players who log in during the event period is eligible to join the event. Access it ..
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
What is Mt. Wolf? This instance has been introduced during the Sep 25 Update and Autumn Event. Here are some important notes about this instance: * ..
Sep 25 Update
Sep 25 Update
Official update notes are found here. Mt. Wolf Players with at least Gathering LV10 will be able to enter the stage. This instance requires a team ..

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LifeAfter Redeem Codes (June 2024)
All available redeem codes for LifeAfter are below. While the codes are still valid, you can use them to redeem some free stuff ..
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LifeAfter FAQs

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How do you find the Mystic creature?

The mystic creature is found in the Fall Forest location but it spawns randomly only when the event is on. Check the daily option, top right of the game screen to see if the fall forest unknown creature event is active. If it is go to the Fall Forest and look for a purple spot. Other players can get kill it before you get there though so you have to be quick.

How do you give items to your friends? If i want share supplies with friends in the game.

Go near your friend and at the bottom right beside the emotion icon there is another icon click that icon and click on your friends name and click send gift

Where is the caravan market?

You need to tap on Training (on the top) and there will be Market on the bottom. There you can exchange the Hand Fans for various thongs :-) ... + 2 More Answers

How do I get twig or flint?

Flint - Secondary resource from stones in Fall Forest in Farstar City. You can't get this when it's raining. Twig - Secondary resource from trees in Fall Forest in Farstar City.

Where to sell infected blood please?

You can sell this to camp merchants or in the weapon shop / furniture shop in Hope 101

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I love it, play every day!, check it out! It's the best game in playstore!.

4.5 / 5.0

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