How to Unlock New Areas and Missions?

How to Unlock New Areas and Missions?
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Unlocking new areas are usually done by completing main story missions. However, some of them (including unlocking of higher difficulty of your previously unlocked activities) can only be done by completing Newbie tasks. This “survival manual” gives players tasks that will help them learn the game and also provide helpful rewards in return. You can find it in the upper right corner of your screen, near the map.

How to Unlock New Areas and Missions?
How to Unlock New Areas and Missions?

The survival manual has several chapters. Each chapter has their own individual tasks. If you have already done the tasks before you unlock it, they will be recognized as completed so you don’t have to do them all again. Some of the tasks in the later chapters like finding a special mutant and help defeat it can’t be completed immediately since that requires timing and you may miss that opportunity depending on your playing habits.

How to Unlock New Areas and Missions?

In any case, just focus on completing the survival manual tasks whenever you get the chance to feel your progress in the game. Have fun!

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