How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?

How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?
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If you belong to a private camp, this daily activity allows you take part in a shooting practice which will award you with lots of combat mastery, as long as you reach the target points. To do this, fast-travel to the Range.

How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?

If you’re in the town center, just look for the NPC on a rooftop near Chef Maria and the camp chest. Use the ladder beside the building to climb it.

How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?

Equip your gun and talk to Mary to start the practice. Bows and guns will do but of course, to get a higher score, guns with high-rate of fire like the Uzi and UMP9 can increase your chances. This activity won't degrade your weapon and you'll also have access to unlimited bullets. The scoring is simple; avoid shooting the black balloons, and aim for blue and red balloons. If you have to choose, always prioritize red balloons.

* Red Balloons: +10 pts

* Blue Balloons: +5 pts

* Black Balloons: -5 pts

How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?

There are thresholds you must meet in order to get the maximum reward. You’ll get one free attempt per day, succeeding attempts will cost 500 dollars. Take note that you can only get the rewards once per day.

* 200 pts: 5000 Combat Mastery

* 350 pts: 3000 Combat Mastery

* 500 pts: 2000 Combat Mastery

Reaching the thresholds will stack up rewards. So if you reached at least 350 pts, that means you’ll get 8000 Combat Mastery, and reaching 500 pts will give you 10,000 Combat Mastery.

How to do the Camp's Target Practice Activity?

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