How to craft the UMP9 in LifeAfter
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How to craft the UMP9 in LifeAfter

The UMP 9 is a high level SMG weapon in LifeAfter. The formula for crafting it unlocks automatically as soon as you reach Manor Level 5. Below is a quick guide finding thge resources and crafting this gun.


To craft a UMP9 SMG, you need the following items:
(10) Hard Aluminium Alloy,
(12) Hexagon Nail,
(24) Grease,
(4) Polymer Coating.

Here is how to gather all these resources.

Hard Aluminium Alloy
Hard Alluminium Alloy can be crafted using the gear workstation. To craft it you need aluminum ore, tin ore,old cypress, and tree oil.
Aluminum Ore :- You can gather aluminum ore in Snowhighlands by quarrying.
Tin Ore :- You can gather tine ore in Charles Town and Sandcastle locations by quarrying.
Old Cypress :- You can gather Old Cypress in Snowhighlands by logging trees.

Once you have the resources go to Gear Workstation - Make weapons - Workable - then select Hard Aluminium Alloy.

Tree Oil
Tree Oil is a rare and hard to get item. To get tree oil in LifeAfter you need to plant Ginkgo Seed in Farmland area. First you need to obtain Ginkgo Seeds which can be found by logging trees. Or also from some merchants, for example the camp merchant in Snowhighlands, or the stronghold merchangt in Snowhighlands.

Hexagon Nail
Craft Hexagon nail using the following resources:
Hardwood Vine - cut down trees in Autumn Forest when it is raining.
Pig Iron - made with iron ore (break rocks) and twig (chop down trees)
Bones - Hunt animals or zombies

Grease can be obtained from the Snowhighlands. Hunting animals and killing Imperial Soldiers will get you this resource.

Polymer Coating
Polymer coating has a low drop rate making it another rare item to collect in LifeAfter. The bet ways to farm for it though is purchasing treasure maps from the merchant at the stronghold in the Fall Forest. These will cost Feat points. Use the maps to locate chests which have a chance of dropping Polymer Coating.

You also have a chance of getting Polymer coating from the camp box above a certain level and



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