How to craft better axes and pickaxes?

How to craft better axes and pickaxes?
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You’ll start off with the meager stone axe and stone pickaxe. While these may last you for a while, you’ll eventually need to move to better gathering tools to be able to gather from higher-level resource points.

As you increase your gathering mastery, you’ll be able to purchase individual talents in the top row called Basic Logging and Basic Mining. As long as you meet the required gathering mastery level, and have the money and skill points to avail the skill, you won’t miss the chance to have access to better gathering tools.

How to craft better axes and pickaxes?

Gathering tools are made through portable crafting (Make option) in the Tool tab. Of course, the materials needed for the better gathering tools will require more materials but the basic materials will stay the same.

How to craft better axes and pickaxes?

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