Recommended Daily Tasks

Recommended Daily Tasks
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These tasks are primarily aimed for low-level players. As you level up, you’ll have access to more areas and activities but most of the tasks listed here will remain relevant to your daily gameplay regardless.

1. Buy daily limited items such as drill oil, fertilizers, farm animals, etc
2. Buy daily limited items from Camp Occupation Merchants in Fall Forest and Sand Castle (when available)
3. Give food to your NPC of choice to increase their favorability to you. (Limited to 10x a day only so give him/her your best food you crafted yourself)
4. Participate in Camp activities like getting the freebies in the camp's Benefits Box, catching at least 3 fishes daily, doing the shooting range, etc.
5. Accept new daily quests in Fall Forest and Sand Castle. Once your gathering mastery level has increased, you should be able to auto-complete all of the daily board quests instead of doing the tasks individually.
6. Get and complete daily quests from NPCs in Fall Forest and Sand Castle. Eventually, you'll have to do the same to newer areas.
7. Maximize shipping limits. Ship infected items in storage. Prioritize shipping the rare and valuable materials that you need.
8. Complete instances like Miska University and Stronghold Battles
9. Attempt to participate in Mystic Creatures raids and aim to deal at least LV1 damage to get rewards.

Recommended Daily Tasks
Recommended Daily Tasks
Recommended Daily Tasks
Recommended Daily Tasks
Recommended Daily Tasks

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