How does the Duty Rewards System Work?

How does the Duty Rewards System Work?
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This system seems to be offered at higher-level players, which in our opinion is a better, more rewarding system to take part in. This system is a permanent change so some players may have hesitations on whether they’ll do it or not. In this page, we will discuss the benefits of this wonderful system that the game introduced.

This new system will allow you to collect Duty Points for every activity that you successfully complete. Some of these are repeatable, while some can only be done once per day. Each of these activities has a corresponding amount of points. The 4 Daily quests on maps cost 30 points if you complete all of the four tasks acquired from the area's billboard. A single Miska University run is worth 25 points, a stronghold battle is worth 9 points, and so on. You can even get easy 19 points by participating in basic daily camp events.

How does the Duty Rewards System Work?
Tip: Points are not automatically added to your total. You still have to tap on the Daily icon in your main screen and Claim the points. Make sure to check your Daily Quests and Timed Quests tabs to claim points from completed activities!

Once you have collected enough duty points, you’ll be able to open a rewards chest from the Daily Quests window. You can open up to four rewards chests every day after accumulating 20, 55, 90, and 130 points. Take note that the points needed to get the 4th chest increases as your Gathering Mastery goes up. For example, at Gathering LV30, you'll need 160 points to get all 4 Duty Rewards chests. All rewards chest contain mastery points for gathering, crafting, and combat (these are separate from the mastery rewards you’ll get from completing individual quests) as well as bonus items.

How does the Duty Rewards System Work?

If you get more Duty Points past the 4th chest threshold, the excess amount of points will be converted to New Dollars and will be sent to your mailbox on the next daily reset (3AM game time). So see how much money you made from the excess points, just tap the Conversion button on the lower left corner.

During the weekend, Mastery Rewards from chests are boosted by 20%. Opening the fourth chest on the weekend will also give you a bonus Weekend Duty Chest.

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