What are Nanoplastics?

What are Nanoplastics?
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This new mechanic has been added to the game on the 6/20/19 update. Nanoplastic is a new, convenient way of energizing and portable crafting. It is created by converting resources using the Nanoplastic Maker. That way, you’ll have better use of surplus resources you have in storage, instead of them taking up space. The benefits of nanoplastic varies by a player’s crafting level.

* Crafting Level 1-19: Use nanoplastic to apply Energization Effects

* Crafting Level 20-34: Use nanoplastic to craft portable items

* Crafting Level 35+ : Use nanoplastic to replenish your drone’s ammo, and energy auto-replenishment

What are Nanoplastics?

All players registered prior to the update should receive a free Nanoplastic Maker via mail, once they have reached Manor LV3. Just build it anywhere in the house, preferably where your other crafting benches are located. For new players, you can craft one via the Furniture Shop in you private camp or Hope 101 for 600 Wood and 4 Iron Ores. Like the repair bench, your Nanoplastic Maker will be sent via mail automatically once it’s done crafting.

What are Nanoplastics?

What are Nanoplastics?

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