Training Event

Training Event
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Event Duration: June 20 - July 3

With the June 20, 2019 update, the developers are adding the Caravan 101 event to LifeAfter. Here is a run down of the event in detail.

How to access the event

Tap on the Training Icon on the top right of the screen. All other even-related mechanics, stores, etc can be accessed the same way.

Exclusive Currency

The event-exclusive currency for this event are Training Certs, which is only valid for the event period. It can be used to draw prizes in the Lucky Hunt or buy items from the Caravan Market. Unused training certs will be automatically converted to New Dollars after the event ends.

1. Keep Fit! Exercise Event

Complete daily Exercise Quests and check in daily to claim Exercise Rewards. Perform the indicated tasks to burn calories and gain rewards! Completing all 3 activities will allow you to get bonus rewards (1000 new dollars and 10 Formula Shards)

Training Event


* This is pretty straightforward and can be completed even when you’re just doing your daily quests. You can gain progress with all of them at the same time.

* Running in the same spot will still count towards the progress.

* For the task that requires you to swim for XX seconds, swim in your camp pond to be safe. Even just leaving your character swimming still will count towards your progress.

* For the task where you're required to kill the infected, save your bullets and weapon durability by doing a Miska University run (if you have access to it)

* For the task where you're required to open chests, treasure chests from maps given by NPCs and treasure maps you buy from Stronghold NPCs count.

Training Event

2. Dessert Rush

Dessert Rush takes place between 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 every day. You'll only get one chance to participate per day. Visit Hope 101 and talk to the Dessert Master Tian to participate in this event.

Training Event
Training Event

Upon starting the challenge, a dessert will be displayed. You have to make the specified dessert within 60 seconds by selecting the correct ingredients available. You can select the same ingredients multiple times as needed. The faster you make the dessert, the higher your score will be. You can skip desserts you don’t know up to two times during the challenge.

Training Event

Here are the desserts list. Knowing their recipes beforehand will give you an advantage. Take note that this list is taken from the game's description of the event. Some of them may have inaccurate translations. (We will try to put the ingredients here as we discover them, please add them in the comments below if you have any additional recipes in the list)

* Blueberry Coconut Cookies

* Coconut Cake (Coconut, Milk, 2 Flour - Credits to user Leo)

* Coconut Jelly (2 Coconuts, 2 Ice Cubes - Credits to user Kimi)

* Fruit Coconut Milk (2 Fruits, Milk, Coconut - Credits to user Kimi)

* Fruit Flavored Milk (2 Fruit, 2 Milk)

* Fruit Mix with Coconut Milk (2 Coconuts, Fruit, Milk - Credits to user Kimi)

* Fruit Pie (2 Fruit, Honey Flour)

* Fruit Popsicle (1 Fruit, 3 Ice Cubes)

* Fruit Smoothie (2 Fruit, Honey, Ice Cube)

* Glutinous Sesame Dumplings (2 Sesame, 2 Flour - Credits to user Kimi)

* Juice (2 Fruit, 2 Ice Cubes)

* Jujube Paste Dumplings (Jujube, Peanut, Sesame, Flour - Credits to Guest)

* Milk Candy (Toffee?) (2 Honey, 2 Milk)

* Peanut Dumplings (2 Peanut, 2 Flour - Credits to user Kimi)

* Red Bean Paste Dumplings (2 Red Beans, 2 Flour - Credits to user Kimi)

* Strawberry Jelly (2 Strawberry, Milk, Ice Cube)

* Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie (Strawberry, Milk, Ice Cube, Honey)

* Strawberry Cheesecake (Strawberry, Blueberry, Flour, Milk - Credits to user Kimi)

* Strawberry Muffin (3 Strawberry, 1 Flour)

This contest’s ranking will be calculated at 9PM daily according to each player’s highest score. Top 10 players will receive extra rewards like gold bars, skill points, and exclusive titles. Desserts you successfully crafted during this event will be mailed to you as well as a bonus. However, you won't be able to unlock their recipe by default; you still need to get the ingredients and cook them in your home grill or stove.

Training Event

3. Infected Hunt

During the event, players can participate in Infected Hunt challenges in teams and defeat the Mutated Infected. This is a difficult challenge, with the minimum requirement is Combat Mastery LV22. You’ll obtain rewards for reaching specific points (more rewards for higher difficulties). Players in successful teams will all get rewards, with bonus gold bars and items given to high-ranking teams.

Training Event
Training Event

4. Duo Training Event

Invite friends to participate in the event together. Take note that once you selected a training partner, he/she can't be changed anymore. Complete tasks listed to get mastery points, training certs, and cash. Rewards can only be obtained once. Training Certs can be used to redeem valuable items in the Training Store.

Training Event

5. Lucky Hunt available!

Every player gets a free draw daily. Exchange 120 Training Cert for 100 New Dollars, and get 1 Treasure Hunt Chance to win random rewards in the prize pool. However, I suggest saving your training certs and get the 5 draw instead. It's more bang for the buck. Here you can attempt to draw a random prize by spending Training Certs for a chance to draw. Training Certs are event-exclusive currency acquired by completing event-related tasks.

Training Event

Players have a free refresh daily to shuffle the available prizes in the prize pool. Further refresh attempts will cost 100 Training Certs. You’ll get a bonus reward after 10, 40, 80, 150, and 300 draws.

Training Event

The available rewards will also depend on the player’s gathering level. To know what items are available for your level, tap on the Reward Preview button on the top right of the screen.

Training Event

5. 6/29-7/3, 3 group sale items refresh every midnight.

The number of people that buy the item decided the final prices. Survivors purchase items at their original price firstly and receive the price difference refund the next day through their mail.

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