What is Equipment Durability and Sturdiness?

What is Equipment Durability and Sturdiness?
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In life after your crafted equipment will have a limited amount of use available to it which are shown by the durability and sturdiness stats. Managing these stats is the key to making the item last as long as possible. Unfortunately all items will eventually wear out and no longer be usable.

With every use the items durability will decrease, this is the item degrading. A machete becoming blunt for example. This stat can be restored back to full by repairing the item, e.g. resharpening the machete. This will have it back to full use again but every time you repair it it will reduce the sturdiness stat. This stat will affect how many times you can repair the item. Once the stat reaches 0 it will become irreparable, and the item is now useless. You can view an item's Sturdiness stat by tapping on the exclamation point icon beside the gear's name.

What is Equipment Durability and Sturdiness?

Tip: As all items have this limited life span and the rarer items can be very hard to craft it is strongly recommended to reserve the rarer items for harder missions and quests and keep to normal common weapons for everything else, like farming low-level areas.

There is currently one game feature that will allow you make the most of a weapons durability though. To take advantage of this make sure you have equipped a weapon or armour that needs durability restored and make your way to the bed in your manor house. At the bed select the 'Use' option and then Quit Game. This will not work continuously, there is a a limit to the amount that can be recovered each day but it should be worth doing every day whenever you can.

What is Equipment Durability and Sturdiness?

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