Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
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What is Mt. Wolf?

This instance has been introduced during the Sep 25 Update and Autumn Event. Here are some important notes about this instance:

* Players with at least Gathering LV10 will be able to enter the stage.

* This instance requires a team to be participated in (full team not required).

* Players can join up to 3 times per day but can only accept the rewards once a day.

* At 3:00 AM every day (daily reset), the stage attempts and climbing rewards will be reset.

* The whole team shares the summit made by the first team member to reach the summit. If a player quits the stage before anyone else reaches the summit, that player’s summit time will be invalid and he/she won’t be able to collect rewards.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

How to Enter Mt. Wolf?

Similar to Miska and Hope Valley, all players must be in their respective camps. The leader should go to his/her camp’s transport chopper and select Mt. Wolf as destination. The leader can call his/her members to prepare for departure, then head to Mt. Wolf to transport everyone to the instance.

Claim your free limited-time outfit

Once you’re in the instance, you can claim the limited-time outfit “Great Ambition” from Henry. He’s in the starting area. Since the outfit is on sale in the mall, we assume that this outfit will only be usable during the Autumn event period. You can wear this outfit even outside the instance.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

How to Claim Your Rewards?

After reaching the summit, tap the Mt. Wolf icon in the upper-right corner of your screen to claim your rewards.

Climbing the Summit

These are some important reminders about the actual climb:

* There’s no durability loss on your weapons or armor if you die.

* Avalanches happen regularly. There are designated spots (rock outcrops) where you can hide safely. Avalanches can kill you instantly and will push you down the mountain at a significant distance.

* Firing your weapons can trigger avalanches faster.

* There are low-level infected that will continuously pursue you. You can fight them off and kill them but you should do this when you’re near an avalanche safe spot.

* The deep snow will limit your movement speed. Use the complimentary Ice Pick to move faster.

* The mountain’s cold temperature will steadily cause your HP to drop. Light up camp fires in safe zones or eat the provided food to keep warm.

* There are certain spots where teamwork is required. Always move as a group, or at least as a pair.


Once you start off, pick up the ice pick on the crate in front of you. Before moving on, turn around and talk to Henry to get your outfit. You only need to do this for the first time. You can ignore him on the succeeding visits to Mt. Wolf.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Next, pick up the supplies from the nearby Trailblazer’s crate. The wood can be used to ignite campfires while the soup can remove frostbite and keep you warm for a while.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Head to the first boosting spot and one player should be boosted up. That player can then interact with the highlighted spot and drop a rope for everyone to use.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

In this area, you can ignore the infected until you reach the chasm. Step on the highlighted spot then perform the leap command to automatically reach the next area.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

In this area, there are more infected waiting. Like before, you can quickly get rid of them (do that near the safe zone) or just ignore them and keep moving to the next chasm. Leap to the next area again.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Continue uphill to find the next boosting spot. There are a couple of weepers here that you need to take out immediately since their screams can trigger avalanches faster. Once done, boost a player then roll down the rope for allies.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

You’ll probably trigger an avalanche here especially when killing the weepers and the annoying infected foremen so quickly take cover behind the rock as soon as you climb up the ledge. Don’t attempt to hide behind the ledge since it will not protect you.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Continue uphill to find the last boosting spot. After climbing it, more infected will appear. Stick to the side since there’s a weeper in the middle. Ignore them or tank their damage as you make your way further uphill.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

Once you see the flag in your map, you should also see the climbing rope leading to the summit as shown below. Make a break for it and begin the long climb on the rope. Once you reach the top, only one player needs to interact with the summit stone to complete the mission. To exit the instance, tap the door icon on the top, under the mission timer.

Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide
Mt. Wolf Summit Guide

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