How to Expand Your Backpack?

How to Expand Your Backpack?
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You’ll start off with a backpack capable of carrying 21 different items (that includes your tools, weapons, and ammo) as well as separate slots for cooked food. Fortunately, your backpack can be expanded, allowing you to carry more and help sustain you more while you’re out in the wilderness. We will be discussing how to expand your backpack.

First, you need the LV.1 Expand Backpack item. This can be obtained by completing the Newbie Quest “Farstar City”.

How to Expand Your Backpack?

Once done, head to the Armor Shop merchant in Hope 101 or your private camp and select the option to Expand Backpack. Pay her 2000 new dollars to successfully expand your backpack.

How to Expand Your Backpack?
How to Expand Your Backpack?

You’ll have to repeat the same process later on but to obtain the next Expand Backpack item, you have to use the Armor Workbench inside armor shop to craft the item using the specified materials and pay the necessary fee.

How to Expand Your Backpack?

Important Notes:

* You may need to reach a specific mastery level before crafting this item

* You can only craft this if your camp has reached the Savage era/level

* The Armor Workbench is only available in the camp’s armor shop

How to Expand Your Backpack?
How to Expand Your Backpack?

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