How to Move Your Manor

How to Move Your Manor
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You can say that your manor in Development Zone 101 is just temporary. You still need to join a camp to fully enjoy the benefits the game has to offer. Let’s say you’re able to successfully join a private camp. Rachel from Hope 101 will appear in your manor to help you with the movement.

Take note that planted crops won’t be carried over so make sure to harvest them before moving. Excavators and possibly pens however, will be dismantled and added back to your inventory. However, their progress will be reset. After considering this, talk to Rachel to move your manor to your new home.

How to Move Your Manor

Once you’re in the Private Camp Town Hall, follow the series of quests like talking to several NPCs. Once done, you can now fast-travel to your home (and to any of the major landmarks of your camp’s town hall for that matter)

How to Move Your Manor
How to Move Your Manor

When you arrive, your manor and everything inside it will be carried over. You’ll also notice a considerably larger lot and farmland. Same rules apply; need to upgrade your manor level and spend gold to reclaim the broken floor area, spend gold to clear the obstacles in the farmland, and many more. As long as you belong to a camp, you’ll enjoy these benefits.

How to Move Your Manor

Manor Relocation

Sometimes, the mayor or an officer from your camp may request you to move to another location, possibly to one of the new areas reclaimed by your camp. There are pre-allocated lots in reclaimed areas so you just need to choose an empty lot where you want to move. Once ready, check if you meet the requirements and the required relocation cost, then tap on the check circle on the lower right of the paper to confirm. Your entire manor including your farmland’s arrangement will be relocated to the lot you’ve chosen.

How to Move Your Manor
How to Move Your Manor

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